Waylander (Drenai Tales, Book 4) by David Gemmell

By David Gemmell

All of Waylander's instincts had screamed at him to spurn the agreement from Kaem the harsh, the killer of countries. yet he had missed them. He had made his kill. or even as he went to gather his gold, he knew that he were betrayed.
Now the darkish Brotherhood and the hounds of chaos have been searching him, while Kaem's armies waged struggle at the Drenai lands, reason on killing each guy, lady, and baby. The Drenai squaddies have been doomed to final defeat, and chaos may quickly reign.
Then an odd outdated guy informed Waylander that the single method to flip the tide of conflict will be for Waylander himself to retrieve the mythical Armor of Bronze from its hiding position deep inside a shadow-haunted land. He will be hunted. He used to be sure to fail. yet he needs to try out, the outdated guy commanded--commanded within the identify of his son, the king, who were slain through an assassin...
Waylander used to be the main not going of heroes--for he used to be a traitor, the Slayer who had killed the king...

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Danyal climbed into the cart, sorting out blankets and provisions left by the raiders as being too humble for booty. With lengths of hide she tied three blankets into rucksacks for the children, then gathered up leather canteens of water which she hung over her shoulder. 'We must go,' she said, and led the trio off towards the north. They had not moved far when the sound of horses' hooves came drumming to their ears and Danyal panicked, for they were on open ground. The two girls began to cry, but young Culas produced a long-bladed dagger from a sheath hidden in his blanket roll.

Yet I am alive. ' 'I do not know. ' Dardalion leaned his back against the cave wall, stretching his legs towards the fire. 39 'I am not sure. I have given much thought to it and I think perhaps it is the nature of soldiers. They are trained to fight and kill upon a given order - to obey unquestioningly. They do not act as individuals. And when a battle comes it is usually clear-cut: there is a city which must be captured or a force which must be overcome. The order is given, excitement grows - dulling fear - and they attack in a mass, drawing strength from the mob around them.

Vanished into the vacuum of memory. Twenty years without anger as Waylander clung like a leech to the ungiving rock of life. But what now? 'You are going to die, you fool,' he said aloud. ' Was that it? Was that the spell he feared so much? For twenty years Waylander had ridden the mountains and plains of the civilised nations, the Steppes and outlands of the Nadir savages and the far deserts of the nomads. In that time he had allowed himself no friends. No one had touched him. Like a mobile 31 fortress, deep-walled and safe, Waylander had ghosted through life as alone as a man could be.

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