Uvlekatel'naya ximiya by Levickij M.M.

By Levickij M.M.

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Underline the answers. Read and Discuss Partner Talk 230 235 Read and Discuss Read the lines aloud, emphasizing the way that Beowulf is both sure of himself and asking humbly for permission at the same time. Ask: Where do you hear a sincere tone? (Students may name any phrase, such as “people’s noble friend”). Where do you hear a strong sense of Beowulf’s noble purpose? (Students may name any phrase, such as “I have come so far”). Reread lines 238–247. With a partner, decide what tone you hear in Beowulf’s voice.

____________________________ 60 The old man replies that even ____________________________ though he wants to die, and ____________________________ has gone everywhere looking ____________________________ 65 for Death, he cannot die. ____________________________ How do you feel about the rioters in this meeting? How do you feel about the old man? Discuss these questions with your partner. 70 Page in the household, children—all there were. Yes, I imagine that he lives round there. ” The rioter said, “Is he so fierce to meet?

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