Universe, 8th Edition by Roger Freedman, William J. Kaufmann

By Roger Freedman, William J. Kaufmann

Recognized variation after variation for its state-of-the-science insurance, Universe breaks new floor in its 8th variation with extra pedagogical help and pioneering media and supplementations. It locations the fundamentals of astronomy and the method of technology in the take hold of of introductory students. Package Universe, Eighth Edition with unfastened Starry evening CD!use package deal ISBN 0-7167-9564-7 SPLIT VOLUMESIn addition to the whole 28-chapter model of Universe, shorter types also are available:Universe: The sunlight process, 3rd Edition(Chapters 1-16 and 28)0-7167-9563-9; w/FREE Starry evening CD, 0-7167-9562-0Universe: Stars and Galaxies, 3rd Edition(Chapters 1-8 which incorporates a two-chapter assessment of the sunlight process) and Chapters 16-28)0-7167-9561-2; w/FREE Starry evening CD, 0-7167-9565-5 

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Robberto/STScI/ESA, and the Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team) Stars are not spread uniformly across the universe but are grouped together in huge assemblages called galaxies. Galaxies come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A typical galaxy, like the Milky Way, of which our Sun is part, contains several hundred billion stars. Some galaxies are much smaller, containing only a few million stars. 6 WE Astronomy and the Universe Figure 1-9 7 RI V UXG A Galaxy This spectacular galaxy, called M63, contains about a hundred billion stars.

54 cm. A useful set of conversions is EXAMPLE: The diameter of Mars is 6794 km. Let’s try expressing this in miles. CAUTION! You can get into trouble if you are careless in applying the trick of taking the number whose units are to be converted and multiplying it by 1. 609 km ᎏᎏ 1 mi km2 10,930 ᎏ mi The unwanted units of km did not cancel, so this cannot be right. Furthermore, a mile is larger than a kilometer, so the diameter expressed in miles should be a smaller number than when expressed in kilometers.

A full circle is divided into 360°, and a right angle measures 90° (Figure 1-11a). As Figure 1-11b shows, if you draw lines from your eye to each of the two “pointer stars” in the Big Dipper, the angle between these lines—that is, the angular distance between these two stars—is about 5°. ) The angular distance between the stars that make up the top and bottom of the Southern Cross, which is visible from south of the equator, is about 6° (Figure 1-11c). Astronomers also use angular measure to describe the apparent size of a celestial object—that is, what fraction of the sky that object seems to cover.

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