Turing Machine Universality of the Game of Life by Paul Rendell

By Paul Rendell

This e-book offers an explanation of common computation within the online game of lifestyles mobile automaton through the use of a Turing desktop development. It presents an creation together with history info and a longer assessment of the literature for Turing Machines, Counter Machines and the suitable styles in Conway's video game of lifestyles in order that the subject material is accessibly to non specialists.

The e-book features a description of the author’s Turing desktop in Conway’s online game of existence together with a vast garage tape supplied by way of starting to be stack constructions and it additionally provides a quick common Turing computer designed to permit the operating to be tested in a handy interval of time.

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The second stage adds the carry by way of the kickback reaction shown in Fig. 4 followed by the reaction that converts two gliders to an eater followed in turn by the reaction between a glider and an eater which recreates the carry glider 60 generations later ready to add to the next data bit. These are shown as snapshots above (Fig. 2). The example shows the addition of input A = 0111 and input B = 1100 and giving 10001 in 900 generations. Fig. 3 Dean Hickerson’s Sliding Block Memory A sliding block memory pattern (Figs.

3 The Finite State Machine 53 Fig. 11 Schematic of the finite state machine of the example in Sect. 3. The cell contents are shown as nnnn,sss,d values 0 for nothing X for a glider where nnnn codes the next state, sss the symbol to write and d the direction selected column generates an LWSS and the pattern at the end of the selected row generates an MWSS. These then go through the matrix of memory cells and hit each other by the selected cell causing it to output its contents. The output of the selected cell is collected by a fleet of eight LWSSes and send along the selected row which in turn is picked up by another fleet of eight LWSSes sent up after the final column.

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