Topics in Stoic Philosophy by Katerina Ierodiakonou

By Katerina Ierodiakonou

This ebook collects a sequence of vital new experiences on one of many richest and so much influential highbrow traditions of antiquity. top students mix cautious analytical consciousness to the unique texts with historic sensitivity and philosophical acuity to indicate the right way to a greater realizing of Stoic ethics, political concept, good judgment, and technological know-how.

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And so onY Ammonius is interested in the substance of the dispute, not in its historical career. None the less, his text naturally suggests that there was a historical reality behind the abstract dispute. And several texts are historically explicit. Thus in the introduction to his commentary on the Categories Dexippus asks: Then why did the old philosophers indulge in so many and varied disputes with one another about this work of Aristotle's which we call the Categories? For I have observed that no other argument has aroused more counterblasts or stirred up greater contests-not only among the Stoics and Platonists who attempt to shake these categories of Aristotle but also among the Peripatetics themselves.

Sandbach remarks: 'This seems to me a possibility not to be overlooked, but equally not to be accepted as certain' (Aristotle and the Stoics, 20). Moraux offers no evidence for his suggestion; and Sandbach is evidently right to state that it should not be 'accepted as certain'. But what is the force of saying that forgery is 'a possibility not to be overlooked'? No doubt forgery is a possibility, in the sense that the supposition of forgery involves no contradiction; but there is not the least reason to suppose that forgery is a fact.

The schematic examples of this form are: (iii) Either P or Q; but P: therefore not-Q. 44 (iv) Either P or Q; but not-P: therefore Q. L1TAoKijs--arguments from a negated conjunction (and an additional assumption). Thus: (C) Not both A and B; but C: therefore D. And a schematic example: (v) Not both P and Q; but P: therefore not-Q. Now (A)-(C) use thoroughly Stoic connectives. And examples (i)(v) are the celebrated five indemonstrables which form the foundation of Chrysippus' hypothetical syllogistic.

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