The world order: A study in the hegemony of parasitism by Eustace Mullins

By Eustace Mullins

The realm Order: A learn within the Hegemony of Parasitism Paperback - 1985 by means of Eustace Mullins (Author)

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In 1919 and 1920, Donovan was sent on secret missions to China and Siberia. P. Morgan established the Foreign Commercial Corp. to float $2 billion in bonds in postwar Europe. In The World Order 38 February, 1920, he asked Donovan to make a secret tour of Europe to obtain intelligence relating to these bonds. Cave Brown described this mission, “Having helped to finance the war, Morgan wished to help finance the peace by expanding the House of Morgan’s interests widely …. These activities required the best intelligence from the best sources in Europe.

Was also a director. Humphrey was also a director of the National City Bank of Cleveland. T. A. L. White, chmn Chicago & St. A. B. B. ; and William McAfee, director Standard Oil of Ohio. 5 billion assets, 8,171 employees, and seventeen companies. It recently purchased the $500 million revenues bank, BANCOHIO. , director National City Bank of Cleveland, Sun Life Assurance, National Steel, Massey Ferguson, General Reinsurance, and St. John del Rey Mining Co. A. Hanna Co. the holding company, was liquidated in 1965, and its $700 million assets distributed to its stockholders.

Of America, a victim of the “panic”, testified before a Congressional Committee that his bank had been subjected to only moderate withdrawals, that he had not applied for help, and that it was Morgan’s ‘sore point’ statement alone that had caused the run on his bank….. ” Morgan’s financial power came from control of the enormous cash flow of the nation’s biggest life insurance companies. He gained control of Mutual Life, New York Life, Metropolitan Life, and with George F. Baker and James Stillman, bought controlling interest in Equitable from Thomas Fortune Ryan, who had acquired it from the Hyde family.

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