The Tel Dan Inscription: A Reappraisal And a New by George Athas

By George Athas

The 1st book-length therapy of an important, and debatable, inscription present in Israel in recent times. The inscription includes a attainable point out of the identify 'David' and is believed by means of many students to make sure the life of this king. encompasses a complete account of the invention, epigraphic research, palaeographical research, attainable association of the 3 fragments found, textual research and ancient remark. it truly is extra thorough in every one of those remedies than any previous dialogue, and experiences all the significant theories concerning the inscription, with a well-considered end.

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The problem, which goes unaddressed in Schniedewind's article, is that we do not know who Hazael's father was. He is known in the Bible as a usurper. As such, his royal predecessor, Hadad-idri,46 was not his father. If Hadad-idri had been Hazael's father, then either Schniedewind has misread the damaged strokes at the beginning of Line 2, or the letters ^K are not part of the name of Hazael's father. The other possibility is that the name of Hazael's actual father ended with the theophoric element ^K-.

Evidently, then, the engraver of the inscription incised the letter strokes in an upward direction (see Fig. 4). Due to the regularity of this directional information, we can surmise that the engraver was restricted to this upward direction for reasons of comfort and control during engraving. 12. The first charges of forgery were made against Fragment A by G. 3 (1994), pp. 461-71. Cryer then raised questions as to the authenticity of Fragment A in his article, 'On the Recently Discovered "House of David" Inscription', though he stated that he did not believe the fragment was a forgery.

Therefore, we can assume that in antiquity, just as many, if not more, people were right-handed. 26 The Tel Dan Inscription move towards the right. This would, indeed, be the most natural order of carving the letters if the engraver was situated along the left edge of the inscription. This particular position of the engraver in relation to the stone also tells us that the inscription was certainly written and engraved prior to being placed in its final display position, not afterwards. Indeed, it overwhelmingly points to a scenario in which the stone of the inscription was laid flat with the written surface facing upwards as the craftsman engraved the letters.

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