The strange white doves;: True mysteries of nature by Alexander Key

By Alexander Key

Publication by way of Key, Alexander

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Sent from the air, both sound and electric impulses are always deflected. (You know, of course, that bats guide themselves in the dark by hearing the echo of sounds sent through the nose. This amazing radar system is so High-pitched that human ears cannot hear it. ) Then there are the starfish who can locate clams that have burrowed far down in the sand and hide with shells closed, leaving not the slightest trace of their presence. How do the starfish find the clams? By the same means, I’m sure, that other creatures use to locate other things necessary for their existence—gums for wounds, medicinal roots and special foods in emergencies.

But I’m sure they knew something was going to happen, for the animals as well as the birds left the area of Mt. Pelée on Martinique before it erupted.

Was their so-called instinct really a form of ESP? Were they the only birds to have it? What about animals? Right away I stumbled over the fact that homing pigeons simply aren’t with it when it comes to finding their way back to the family roost. Carry one too far into strange territory, and if he has not been carefully trained by an expert, he is lost. There are exceptions, of course, for one intrepid homer broke all records by flying from Arras, France, to Saigon, South Vietnam, a distance of 7,200 miles!

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