The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson's vintage horror story tells the research into the lifetime of Dr. Henry Jekyll. As Jekyll's attorney, Mr. Utterson is in ownership of Jekyll's will, which leaves all his possessions to a mysterious Mr. Edward Hyde. As Utterson seems to be additional into the mammoth Mr. Hyde, he learns whatever scary approximately his buddy Jekyll. realize the phobia, braveness, and horror retold within the Calico Illustrated Classics variation of Stevenson's The unusual Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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He shoved the letter into his safe where it remained. From that day forward, Utterson felt differently toward Jekyll. He thought kindly of him but was relieved when he was denied admittance to see him. He preferred to talk to Poole instead of seeing Jekyll. Poole never had anything new to report. It was always the same: Jekyll wished to be left alone. He was low in spirit and sat in his office all day long. Utterson became so used to the same news day after day that in time his visits became less frequent.

Lanyon’s Secret Time passed with no sightings of Edward Hyde. Much of his life was uncovered and the stories swirled for a bit. Thousands of pounds were offered as a reward for his capture. But it was as if he never existed. Life in London returned to normal. Even Utterson carried on after a while. The death of Sir Danvers, to his way of thinking, was more than paid for by the disappearance of Hyde. A fair exchange of sorts. Now that the evil man was gone, a new life began for Jekyll as well. He came out of his seclusion.

We don’t know who was murdered. ” He held the letter out. ” “Tell me at once,” begged Utterson, snatching the letter. 35 “Mr. Hyde is the man we’re seeking,” answered the inspector. Utterson flinched at the name of this monster. His face grew pale. His mind wandered to his good friend Dr. Jekyll. After a minute, he was finally able to speak. ” Utterson quickly ate his breakfast and dressed. He took a hansom cab through the streets and arrived at the police station. Inspector Newcomen led him into a back room, where a body lay covered with a white sheet.

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