The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Books of Wonder) by Hugh Lofting

By Hugh Lofting

Foreword through Patricia C. McKissack and Fredrick L. McKissack. Afterword through Peter Glassman.When a swallow arrives in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh with the inside track that the monkeys of Africa are in poor health and basically the health professional who talks with animals can store them, medical professional Dolittle and such stable neighbors as Jip, his dependable puppy, and Dab-Dab, his housekeeper duck, face their maximum problem. jointly they need to sail to Africa, conflict a band of cutthroat pirates, flee throughout a gorge on a bridge made from acrobatic apes, and persuade the king of the beasts that even he needs to aid an animal in want. With approximately fifty full-page images from Michael Hague and the McKissacks crafty transforming of the limitation confronted through Prince Bumpo, this precious tale is now to be had in a deluxe variation that every one households probably want to discover time and again.

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The King's son started up off the seat and looked all around. " he cried. "Methought the sweet music of a fairy's silver voice rang from yonder bower! " "Worthy Prince," said Polynesia, keeping very still so Bumpo couldn't see her, "thou sayest winged words of truth. For 'tis I, Tripsitinka, the Queen of the Fairies, that speak to thee. " "In thy father's prison," said the parrot, "there lies a famous wizard, John Dolittle by name. Many things he knows of medicine and magic, and mighty deeds has he performed.

Let us get on to the ship before they eat us! --The sharks! " And now the Doctor could see, all over the bay, the backs of big fishes swimming swiftly through the water. " "Yes," said Doctor Dolittle. " "Well," said the shark, "we know these pirates to be a bad lot-especially Ben Ali. " "Thank you," said the Doctor. "This is really most attentive. But I don't think it will be necessary to eat them. Don't let any of them reach the shore until I tell you--just keep them swimming about, will you? " So the shark went off and chased Ben Ali over to the Doctor.

This is what happened: After they had pulled up the anchor without a sound, and were moving the ship very, very carefully out of the bay, Gub-Gub suddenly sneezed so loud that the pirates on the other ship came rushing upstairs to see what the noise was. As soon as they saw that the Doctor was escaping, they sailed the other boat right across the entrance to the bay so that the Doctor could not get out into the open sea. Then the leader of these bad men (who called himself "Ben Ali, The Dragon") shook his fist at the Doctor and shouted across the water, "Ha!

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