The schools of Vedanta by Nagaraja Rao P.

By Nagaraja Rao P.

В книге рассматриваются основные направления веданты (наиболее влиятельной в современной Индии философской школы): адвайта-веданта (абсолютный монизм) Шанкары, вишиштадвайта (ограниченный монизм) Рамануджи, двайта-веданта (дуализм) Мадхвы, философские аспекты идеологии Упанишад и Бхагавад-гиты, место веданты среди других систем индийской философии.

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The commentary is at once a philoso- commenton the Brhadaranyaka and Ckdndogya Upanisads phical classic and a piece of great literature. His aries discuss in detail The many an important doctrine of advaita. doctrines enunciated by Sahkara in his commen- commented on by a ^ost of post-Sahkara scholars. Some of the doctrines of Sahkara have been defended in extenso and others amplified. Critics have found fault with the Hindu habit of writing commentaries and sub-commentaries on the ground that it has not contributed to the development of original tary have been elaborately thought.

Hence he mistakes the partial partial view. which is reality abstracted Mandana, from the true the great as the real. advaita thinker, with unsurhas discussed the dialectic of passed logical acumen, The advaitin has pressed to his service all the pramanas to yield the central doctrine of advaita, the identity of Brahman and the individual self. difference. Scripture is the central pramana for advaita in the establishment of the identity of the individual self and Brahman. Mandana points out that scripture declares the identity in unequivocal terms.

Aldous west have not HUXLEY points out that the biographies of the great of the west often make extremely metaphysicians Spite, depressing reading. envy and vanity are too manifested frequently by these professed lovers of wisdom. Some are not even immune from the most childish animal- NlETZSCHE's biographers record that at the time writing his Superman he was unable to control his appetite for jam and pastry. In his mountain retreat when a hamper of good things arrived for him, he would ;eat and eat until he had to go to bed with a bilious attack.

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