The Sanctuary of Bethel and the Configuration of Israelite by Jules Francis Gomes

By Jules Francis Gomes

After Jerusalem, Bethel is the main usually pointed out sanctuary within the Hebrew Bible. The e-book bargains a close research of Bethel and its sanctuary from archaeological and biblical proof. It reconstructs the background of Bethel and by way of analysing the presence of professional- and anti-Bethel propaganda, it argues that the latter, with its personal pro-Jerusalem/Judah bias, has led to an unfair denigration of Bethel as an idolatrous position of worship. The examine means that Bethel used to be a valid Yahwistic shrine and persevered to be so even after the autumn of the Northern nation of Israel to the Assyrians. for this reason, Bethel in a true feel was once the vital technique of configuring Israelite identification.

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138 However, he and others go beyond the evidence in making a leap from the Aaronides at Bethel during exilic/post-exilic periods to earlier times. 139 It is more plausible to argue that the Aaronides would 131 R e h m 1 9 9 2 : 3 0 6 c o n j e c t u r e s that before J e r o b o a m , S o l o m o n installed an A a r o n i d e p r i e s t h o o d at Bethel, replacing the Mushites. Cross 1973:199 m a i n t a i n s that E x o d . 3 2 indicates that the A a r o n i d e s a d m i n i s t e r e d at Bethel after the division of the k i n g d o m .

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Burney 1920:176-7, H o f f m a n n 1980:64-9, Van Seters 1981:170-4, Van Seters 1983:314, McKenzie 1991:52. 26—32 as later Judean polemic. McKenzie 1991:57. Knoppers 1993a:30. Weinfeld 1972:320-65. Knoppers 1993a:32. McKenzie 1991:58. 30a to a post-dtr addition. 26—31 to the prophetic cycle centred on Ajihah. 33 is Dtr. 27,30a,31a,33 to deuteronomistic and Judahite redaction. 30a,33 to Dtr. 30 is even later. Cross 1973:199 and Halpern 1976:31—42 suggest that an old Mushite priestly polemic against the Aaronides underlies the unit.

L8:l— 8). It was Deuteronomy that first placed priests into a distinctive category and 120 Greenberg 1997:672. 121 Bright 1 9 7 9 : 2 0 0 - 1 , Nurmela 1998. 122 Cody 1969:111, 112. Also Rehm 1 9 9 2 : 3 0 5 - 6 . 12:25—33 31 identified them with Levites. 123 Both priests and Levites existed before Deuteronomy but were not strictly identified with each other. 20:26—28, Cross contends that Jeroboam appointed Mushites to Dan and Aaronides to Bethel. 20:26 —28 is a later (Priestly) insertion. 32 —34.

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