The Protestant Community of Modern Taiwan: Mission, by Murray A. Rubinstein

By Murray A. Rubinstein

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I 19 Chinese Christians also held such conferences and in the mid-1980s set up a study group to examine church/society interaction. As Protes­ tants entered the ranks of the mainstream academic community, they were also able to organize conferences, bringing together secularists, leaders of the traditional religious community, and Protestant and Catholic academics and church leaders. Such conferences were well i 54 THE PROTESTANT COMMUNITY ON TAIWAN organized and produced useful new levels of dialogue as well as some valuable new pieces of scholarship.

All this simply allowed the Baptists to devote themselves to their greatest strength, evangelism. The results initially appeared to prove the wisdom of the mis­ sionaries' decision. Over the span of nine years, the Chinese Baptist community grew to more than eight thousand souls. 26 The next twenty-seven years proved to be a time of crisis and redef­ inition. First was the recognition of crisis. This took place in the mid­ 1960s as the island's Baptist missionaries and their allies, the leaders of the Taiwan Baptist Convention, had to face declining growth rates in the congregations and declining numbers of students in the semi­ nary.

The administrators of the SBC Foreign Mission Board, then realiz­ ing that the Republic of China was likely to continue to exist, began committing its personnel and resources to a missionary enterprise in Taiwan. The SBC's Taiwan Mission enjoyed an impressive first decade, and the Taiwanese Baptist community began to grow. The reasons are varied but a central thread is the Baptists' willingness to use the classi­ cal, time-proven techniques that they had developed in their decades on the mainland.

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