The Philosophy of SOCRATES: A Collection of Critical Essays by Gregory, Comp. Vlastos

By Gregory, Comp. Vlastos

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Ross (edition of Aristotle's Metaphysics, pp. xxxix-xli), who is followed by Deman. Ross dismisses Taylor's references as exceptional and often relies on emendation, though mostly with the paleographical plausibility he claims. Deman's (pp. 102--3) ingenious explanation of Nic. Et"n. 1116B4 (that it represents an interim point in Socrates' thought, not its final position) requires the premise that the Nic. , as a redaction plus achevee than Aristotle's other ethical writings, would be more concerned with historical accuracy than they are.

I as early in spirit if not in composition); whereas Xenophon mentions few Sophists apart from Antiphon and Hippias (his Euthydemus is presumably different from Plato's), but pays more attention to people like Aristippus and Antisthenes, generally numbered among Socrates' followers, though Xenophon does not entirely treat them as such. But their choice of interlocutors does perhaps fit Xenophon's desire to show Socrates as "useful" and Plato's desire to show him as educative 41 but also critical if not revolutionary.

Note how in early and naturalistic Platonic dialogues Form language causes no trouble to the man in the street (Euthyp. 5D, 6D-E, Prot. 330C, Hip. Ma. 287C-D, Corg. 467E-8A, 497E). " The first, third, and fourth probably do show that these arguments were going the rounds during Socrates' lifetime and were not inventions of Plato or Xenophon. Some of them may indeed go back to Socrates himself, though Taylor (118) allows that arguments used by Socrates need not have been invented by him. 18 I conclude that the Dissoi Logoi contains little conclusive evidence but enough of interest not to be neglected by Socratic scholars.

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