The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn

By D. Michael Quinn

 The Mormon church this day is led through an elite crew of older males, approximately three-quarters of whom are regarding present or previous common church specialists. This dynastic hierarchy meets in inner most; neither its mins nor the church’s funds can be found for public evaluation. participants are reassured by means of public kin spokesmen that each one is definitely and that concord prevails between those brethren.

But via interviewing former church aides, reading hundreds of thousands of diaries, and drawing from his personal prior adventure as an insider in the Latter-day Saint historic division, D. Michael Quinn provides a fuller view. His broad examine records how the governing apostles, seventies, and presiding bishops usually are at loggerheads, up to united. those strong-willed, self sustaining men–like administrators of a giant company or superb courtroom justices–lobby between their colleagues, forge alliances, out-maneuver rivals, and dealer compromises.

There is extra: clandestine political actions, investigative and punitive activities via church safety forces, own “loans” from church coffers (later written off as undesirable debts), and different privileged power-vested actions. Quinn considers the altering function and perspective of the management towards visionary stories, the momentous occasions that have formed quorum protocol and doctrine, and day by day bureaucratic intrigue from the time of Brigham younger to the sunrise of the twenty-first century.

The hierarchy turns out at root well-intentioned or even now and then competitive in pleasing its said accountability, that is to expedite the second one Coming. the place they've got develop into confident that God has spoken, they've got put aside own transformations, provided unqualified aid, and spoken with a unified voice. This capability for switch, whilst coupled with the tempering impact of competing viewpoints, is anything Quinn reveals encouraging approximately Mormonism. yet one will not be think that those males are infallible or paintings in whatever impending uninterrupted unanimity.

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Maxwell have recently said that Packer “has grown” out of such behavior. Apostle Dallin H. 126 In fact, Boyd K. Packer is a modern example that subordinate general authorities are far from powerless. Since his appointment as an Assistant to the Twelve Apostles in 1961, Elder Packer has been a strident and persuasive voice at LDS headquarters. A member of the Quorum of Seventy described Boyd K. Packer as “vindictive” toward subordinates who challenged his views during deliberative meetings. After one such episode, Elder Packer thereafter was barely civil toward the other general authority.

The term “new era” was first used in the context of church finances, which underscores how intertwined financial and missionary goals were under Moyle. ”51 For example, in 1960 the two men addressed a meeting of mission presidents, missionaries, and local leaders in Manchester, England. They praised the missionaries for implementing baseball instruction to baptize young boys and for accepting goals to double the current year’s number of baptisms. 55 But even with voluntary labor, the construction of new meeting houses almost single-handedly pushed the church to a $32 million deficit for 1962.

Evidence of this distance can be seen in a prayer circle meeting of the First Presidency and apostles in January 1860. Kimball remarked, “I never saw T[homas]. D. Brown in that Circle but what I felt sorry to see him there. 12 Four years later in 1866 when Young and four members of the Quorum of Twelve ordained Kimball’s step-son Joseph F. 13 The third and fourth presidents of the LDS church had very different relationships with their counselors. John Taylor bristled at anything less than submission from his counselors.

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