The Jungle by Richard P. Wasowski

By Richard P. Wasowski

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With aid from CliffsNotes at the Jungle, you discover one of many first American social protest novels. at the start glance, the radical is a gritty research into the meatpacking undefined; notwithstanding, it evolves right into a problem to the rules and ideology of our political organisations in the beginning of the twentieth century.

This concise complement to Upton Sinclair's The Jungle is helping you know the final constitution of the radical, activities and motivations of the characters, and the social and cultural views of the writer. different gains that assist you research include

  • Chapter-by-chapter summaries and research
  • Character analyses of significant players
  • A personality map that graphically illustrates the relationships one of the characters
  • Critical essays
  • A overview part that checks your knowledge
  • Glossaries of keywords and terms

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Glossary bog wet spongy ground, characterized by decaying mosses that form peat; a small marsh or swamp. purgatory a state or place in which, in Roman Catholicism and other Christian doctrine, those who have died in the grace of God expiate their sins by suffering. furies in Greek and Roman mythology, the three terrible female spirits with snaky hair who punish the doers of unavenged crimes. bawdyhouse a house of prostitution. 38 CliffsNotes Sinclair’s The Jungle Chapter 11 Summary Although Jurgis is working harder than ever, the process of “speeding up,” the hiring of more workers, and a reduction in wages earn him a net loss income.

Many men are needed to pull Jurgis off of Connor, and eventually Jurgis is taken to the company police station to await a patrol wagon. Commentary Chapter 15 provides readers with the first and only meaningful exchange between Jurgis and Ona. Jurgis, in a rage, confronts his wife about her deceptions and lies. Although the scene borders on melodrama, readers can empathize, experiencing both Jurgis’ rage and Ona’s fears. Unwittingly, Jurgis is as cruel to Ona as Connor had been. Ona, the weaker one, again submits to the will of anyone who is stronger than she is.

Glossary colloquy a conversation, especially a formal discussion. menagerie a collection of wild or strange animals kept in cages or enclosures for exhibition. drover a person who herds droves of animals, especially to market. parley a talk or conference for the purpose of discussing a specific matter. ptomaines substances, some of which are poisonous, formed in decaying animal matter. isinglass a form of gelatin made from the internal membranes of fish bladders: used as a clarifying agent and adhesive.

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