The Invectives of Sallust and Cicero: Critical Edition with by Anna A. Novokhatko

By Anna A. Novokhatko

This paintings covers the heritage of the textual content of the invectives of Sallust opposed to Cicero and of Cicero opposed to Sallust. either invectives have been most likely a made from the rhetorical colleges of Rome. The ebook comprises: the total manuscript culture of the textual content, the background of adjustments in the course of its transmission, the heritage of the published textual content and, ultimately, the textual content itself with an equipment criticus and in addition a translation. This paintings could be of curiosity to classicists, philologists attracted to the heritage of medieval and renaissance texts, and likewise to these erudite readers interested in rhetorical kind and the functioning of the rhetorical faculties of Rome.

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7 neque ] ne quid M: nec quid ERHP: numquid : nunquid LI: necque O: neque quidem V: neque quid Mp Sall. 8 ullum ERMMp] illum HO38 Sall. 19 exspectaverint TI] –averunt BX: –avarint : –arent P 34 See below p. 58, 67, 81, 96 104, 109. 35 Exemplar, used with the genitive eius partis, simplifies the general syntax of the phrase. 36 On the contamination of the manuscript Mp see below p. 110. 37 See p. 35, 44, 83, 94, 99, 110. 38 The same reading in ERMMp and could occur by chance. However , taking into consideration Sall.

Sall. 6 tuenda re p. p. Hb : r. p. Sall. 7 armatos N ] om. MMp Sall. 9 invasisti om. : evasisti Mp Sall. 9 vero om. : enim M Sall. 11 neque hercules … aestimavi om. T: habet N: marg. add. K2 This sentence, omitted because of haplography (the previous sentence ends with aestimaverunt), had to be included in the text both in and in , either supra lineam or in margine. The manuscripts of and T reproduce the text of the archetype , ignoring this variant, while B and X include it in the text. Sall. 12 ego om.

26 Chapter 1 What are the invectives against Cicero and against Sallust? could be received by a Roman writer, and no doubt by a Roman audience, as original. In all probability however the invectives werecontroversiae, written as declamatory exercises on an imaginary legal theme set in an earlier historical context. Chapter 2 The history of the text known as Sallust's invectives 27 Chapter 2 The history of the text known as Sallust’s invectives based on collated medieval manuscripts (10th – early 14th centuries) For medieval manuscripts, the text can be represented using a stemma as in p.

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