The Eucharistic Communion and the World by John D. Zizioulas, Luke Ben Tallon

By John D. Zizioulas, Luke Ben Tallon

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of holiday makers are attracted to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to adventure first-hand the fundamental pastoral--both as an break out from city existence and as a unprecedented chance to develop into immersed in background. the realm has attracted viewers desirous to trap a glimpse of the unique spiritual neighborhood of the previous Order Amish, to understand the great thing about the farmland, to benefit from the ample and scrumptious nutrition of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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Serving the Amish is a distinctive advisor for execs who take care of or have interaction with undeniable humans: medical professionals, nurses, legislation enforcement officials, judges, social staff, psychotherapists, and habit counselors, between others. For those pros, understanding the "what" of Amish existence isn't adequate. they have to move deeper, figuring out the "why"―the ideologies that either force and bind this group in a approach of ideals that turns out alien to those that include the technological and social turbulence of the twenty-first century.

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That is why the Church not only does not cease to repeat God’s call to the world to repentance, but also, because it is the priest of the world, the Church will maintain ‘closed doors’ until the return of the Lord. Concluding Remarks We have attempted to consider the Eucharist as seen in the light of the New Testament. This is not an easy task because, over the course of the centuries that separate us from that time, the Eucharist has been 34 the euch a ristic com munion an d the wor ld overloaded with comments and accents that have obscured the original figure.

BIBLICAL ASPECTS OF THE EUCHARIST 25 to the sacrifice of the body and blood of the paschal lamb establish a connection between participation in the meal and participation in this death and sacrifice. These words must be read in light of what the Lord said to his disciples on another occasion: ‘You will indeed drink my cup…’ (Mt. 20:22-3; Mk. 10:38-40), speaking of the cup of his death and thereby identifying three realities: the Eucharist (the cup), the death on the cross, and the participation of the disciples in both.

3:17). In this way the eucharistic communion is simultaneously communio in sacris and communio sanctorum. In this eschatological vision, when the apostolic Church celebrated the Eucharist, she believed that the world was really on trial at that moment. Since ‘the saints will judge the world’ (1 Cor. 6:2), it was not only the privilege, but also the duty of the eucharistic community to judge its members before communion. The convergence of most of the testimony indicates that this element of judgement existed in the first eucharistic liturgies; this not only corresponds to what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 5, but also to the fact that the members of the Church were to seek reconciliation before communion (Mt.

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