The Empire of the Qara Khitai in Eurasian History: Between by Michal Biran

By Michal Biran

The empire of the Qara Khitai, which used to be one of many least recognized and so much interesting dynasties within the historical past of critical Asia, existed for almost a century ahead of it used to be conquered via the Mongols in 1218. Arriving in critical Asia from China, the Qara Khitai governed over a regularly Muslim inhabitants. Their heritage offers a distinct window onto the broad cross-cultural contacts among China, internal Asian nomads and the Muslim international within the interval previous the increase of Chinggis Khan. utilizing an in depth corpus of Muslim and chinese language resources, Michal Biran comprehensively examines the political, institutional and cultural histories of the Qara Khitai. Her e-book explores quite a number themes together with the association of the military, the placement of girls, similar to China in Muslim significant Asia,the religions of the Qara Khitai and the legacy they left for the Mongols. Crucially she asks why they didn't, in contrast to their predecessors and successors in principal Asia, include Islam. The publication represents a groundbreaking contribution to the sphere of Eurasian heritage for college kids of the Islamic global, China and critical Asia.

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J9(1), l(d 2; Dunnell, "Thl' IIsi IIsia," 205: R. '0/. ::. D. dissntation, Princctnl1 University, 1983,200-1. "'1'. ·\Jgnize lin sup~riority :::nd perh:-lp~ '~ven Black ~om(' pn~iilllinary allempts to examine the possibility of restoring the "Creat Liao" through military means, This option, however, was never implernentcc\. lin resettlement policy that had relocated most of the Khitans in faraway Manchuria - certainly hampered this possibility. Furthcrmore, the Qara Khitai now had their interests in Central Asia propel', In their middle period they were sometimes obliged to inlerfere in the west 10 ensure Iheir vassals' submission (as in Khwilrazm in I 172), and sometimes were tempted to aet even beyond their realm by the promise of easy gain, c,g" in the case of Balkh (I 165).

Ibn alAthir indicates that Sanjar lcl'mim,d from killing Als"iz only because of his fear of the Qara Khitai's reaction to such an HeLlO Moreover, apart from resuming his authority in Khwarazm and Khurasfm, Sanjar might for a while have maintained a certain authority in Trans"vania as well, as implied by the 1148 Rukhari coin mentioned above and by IlusaynT's declarations that SaljOq authority in Transoxania ceased to exist only ;tI'ter Sanjar\ death. I I Dashi's demise W,\S felt also in the eastern part ol"the Qara Khitai realm, In late 1144 the Uighurs offered tribule 10 the Jin, reported on Dashi's death, and noted ill;ll his people were their neighbors.

Zhou Bida, dissuaded him, Zhou Bida. the main source for these developments, who had previously been the driving force behind the initiative, claimed that the Tanguls were untrustworthy amI, l'urtlierJllore, that it would he very hard to keep the contacts with them secret Ifthc fin found out about the Song-Xia-Western Liao initiative - for example. by intercepting their correspondence as had previously clone - it might have serioLls implic<1tions for Song-Jin relations, Indeed, in view of the more than twenty years of peace between the Song and the Jin following their agreement of 116 , the Song had much to lose from a premature exposure oftheirplans 2s The praised Zhou for his counsel, as "the information turned out to be untrue, It is not clear to which part of the information this statement refers, and there is, Iherefore, '-1- Ibn ;11-ALhTr.

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