The Education of Henry Adams (Webster's German Thesaurus by Henry Adams

By Henry Adams

This variation is written in English. even though, there's a operating German glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of The schooling of Henry Adams. This variation will be worthwhile

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The dark mass set up a shout, and rushed forward. The Beacon Street boys turned and fled up the steps, except Savage and Marvin and the few champions who would not run. The terrible Conky Daniels swaggered up, stopped a moment with his body-guard to swear a few oaths at Marvin, and then swept on and chased the flyers, leaving the few boys untouched who stood their ground. The obvious moral taught that blackguards were not so black as they were painted; but the boy Henry had passed through as much terror as though he were Turenne or Henri IV, and ten or twelve years afterwards when these same boys were fighting and falling on all the battle-fields of Virginia and Maryland, he wondered whether their education on Boston Common had taught Savage and Marvin how to die.

The softness of his gentle old grandmother as she lay in bed and chatted with him, did not come from Boston. His aunt was anything rather than Bostonian. He did not wholly come from Boston himself. Though Washington belonged to a different world, and the two worlds could not live German bandanas: Kopftücher. catalpa: Japanisch Trompetenbaum, Zigarrenbaum. chatted: plauderte. colonnade: Kolonnade, Säulengang. drawl: dehnt, Schleppend Sprache, Gedehntes sprechen, Gedehnte Sprache, Dehnen, dehne, Affektiert sprechen, Sprechen schleppend, dehnst.

Exaggerated: übertriebst, übertrieb, übertrieben, übertriebt, bauschte auf, bauschten auf, bauschtest auf, bauschtet auf, aufgebauscht, hyperbolisch, übertreibend. grandly: großartig. listener: Hörer, Zuhörer. manhood: Männlichkeit, Mannesalter. metaphysics: Metaphysik. oldest: alteste, senior, älteste. poems: Gedichte. satirical: satirisch. scandalized: angeeckt. scepticism: Skepsis, Skeptizismus. sparkling: funkelnd, brilliant, blendend, leuchtend, Sprudeln. speeches: Reden. tastes: schmeckt.

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