The Dark Night: A Gift of God by Daniel P Schrock

By Daniel P Schrock

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New Pearl of Great Price

A Treatise in regards to the Treasure and most respected Stone of the Philosophers. Or the strategy and process of this Divine paintings; With Observations Drawn from the Works of Arnoldus, Raymondus, Rhasis, Albertus, and Michael Scotus, First released through Janus Lacinius, the Calabrian, with a Copious Index.

Garden Spot: Lancaster County, the Old Order Amish, and the Selling of Rural America

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors are interested in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to event first-hand the integral pastoral--both as an break out from city existence and as a unprecedented chance to develop into immersed in historical past. the world has attracted viewers wanting to trap a glimpse of the designated non secular neighborhood of the outdated Order Amish, to understand the great thing about the farmland, to benefit from the plentiful and scrumptious foodstuff of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Serving the Amish: A Cultural Guide for Professionals

Serving the Amish is a detailed consultant for execs who deal with or have interaction with undeniable humans: medical professionals, nurses, legislation enforcement officials, judges, social employees, psychotherapists, and dependancy counselors, between others. For those pros, figuring out the "what" of Amish lifestyles isn't really sufficient. they have to pass deeper, realizing the "why"―the ideologies that either force and bind this neighborhood in a process of ideals that turns out alien to people who embody the technological and social turbulence of the twenty-first century.

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So what if the president retreated for a few days to Camp David for talks with the prime minister of some country? Presidents have been doing that for decades. What I wanted more than anything else was to recover some sense of connection with God. In comparison with this great thirst for God (see Psalm 42:2), nearly everything else became less important. So thoroughly had God weaned me off television that in the spring of 2002 I completely stopped watching. I did not exactly make a conscious decision to quit; I just lost interest.

For many years I was attached to television. I used to watch situation comedies, science-fiction adventures, Cubs baseball, and violent movies (odd for a pacifist, but true). Except for the violent movies, most of what I watched would probably be considered morally neutral. Nevertheless, I was attached to watching television, and the love inherent in that attachment kept me from giving some of my love to God and to others around me. At the time I did not recognize the harmful effect television was having on my relationships.

If they told him to threaten people, he threatened them. If they told him to kill someone, he obeyed orders. In return for unquestioning obedience, his bosses rewarded him well. He had plenty of money to buy almost any kind of clothes he wanted. He ate at the best restaurants. His favorite meal, he said with a smile, was seafood and pasta at a certain restaurant where the entrées cost fifty dollars. And if anyone got mad at him or crossed him, his bosses took care of it. Even though his work prevented him from getting married, having children, and settling down in one place, he was satisfied with his life, all in all.

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