The Conan Chronicles: Volume 2: Hour of the Dragon (FANTASY by Robert E. Howard

By Robert E. Howard

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Black against the moon the strange city had a somber, sinister look. Perhaps something of the same feeling occurred to Conan, for he stopped, glanced about him, and grunted: 'We stop here, No use coming to their gates in the night. They probably wouldn't let us in. Besides, we need rest, and we don't know how they'll receive us. ' He led the way to a bed of cactus which grew in a circle - a phenomenon common to the southern desert. With his sword he chopped an opening, and motioned Valeria to enter.

If I'd been there, I'd have knifed him myself. ' Valeria stamped her booted foot and swore. ' Again his eager eyes devoured her. 'Butyou were wise to run away. The Stygians would have had you skinned. That officer's brother followed you; faster than you thought, I don't doubt. He wasn't far behind you when I caught up with him. His horse was better than yours. ' she demanded. ' He seemed puzzled. ' he returned impatiently. 'I killed him, of course, and left his carcass for the vultures. That delayed me, though, and I almost lost your trail when you crossed the rocky spurs of the hills.

But it was a startling experience to come upon a walled city here so many long weeks' march from the nearest outposts of any sort of civilization. Her hands tiring from clinging to the spire-like pinnacle, she let herself down on the shelf, frowning in indecision. She had come far - from the camp of the mercenaries by the border town of Sukhmet amidst the level grasslands, where desperate adventurers of many races guard the Stygian frontier against the raids that come up like a red wave from Darfar.

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