The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak

By J. J. Hurtak

2d variation, Copyright 1982, Very fresh, hardly ever learn replica.

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16 By the colliding of two galaxto save the star system intelligence from negative entropy is to bring the ies which accelerates electrons and scriptures of Light from Orion and positrons, anti-matter can be annihilated, which is calculated to the the Pleiades: to teach the people of ergs per second the world the love of God, the love total of about of t h e Son, a n d t h e l o v e of t h e in radiated energy. 17 In the Sanskrit texts we have Shekinah -the Holy Spirit. 12 With this power they can con- one of the highest truths revealed q u e r t h e anti- universe; with this in t h e Maha-Ratri which shows power they can conquer the inver- eternal time a n d the transition of s i o n of t h e n i n t h k e y of Enoch, matter as the measure of the eterwhich is 6-6-6, sornmer wuf sommer, nal night.

The Ascended Masters generally number one h u n d r e d a n d forty-four thousand for a given complete procession of a star cycle in the lower S"' K E Y 107 36-47 heaven 4 2 The biological weights a n d measures for these cyclic periods are set at Alpha a n d Omega. ) 43 The manner in which the physical bodies are chosen to house the Ascended Masters d e p e n d s upon their previous work in earlier biological cycles. 44 The Ascended Masters are governed by the " Councils of Light" and connect the Light workers serving the Mazzaroth-worlds of the "lower heavens" revolving within the star regions of the Zodiac, with complex worlds of multiple s u n s i n the " higher heavens,"-known as the Mazalofh worlds.

However, the spiritual Israel is the coordination of all the races of Man, so that all mankind can be brought to salvation from the kingdoms of flesh into the kingdoms of Light. 19 Those kingdoms which d o not survive are kingdoms of fallen darkness; they d o not have sufficient knowledge and Light to pass into the central core of the great universes where there exist multi-evolutions of consciousness communication. 20 These intelligences must stay out on the edge of the galaxies and play out their chemical destruction; to permit them to go o n would allow them to interfere and destroy other life.

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