The Biographies of Rechungpa: The Evolution of a Tibetan by Peter Alan Roberts

By Peter Alan Roberts

This ebook strains the lifestory of Rechungpa (1084-1161) - the coed of the recognized instructor Milarepa - utilizing infrequent and little-known manuscripts, and discovers how similar to either Milarepa and Rechungpa underwent primary differences over a interval of over 3 centuries. Peter Alan Roberts compares major episodes within the lifetime of Rechungpa as portrayed in a succession of texts, and hence demonstrates the evolution of Rechungpa’s biography. this can be the 1st survey of the surviving literature which incorporates a particular research in their dates, authorship and interrelationships. It exhibits how Rechungpa used to be more and more portrayed as a rebellious, risky and tough student, as a lineage from a fellow-pupil prospered to turn into dominant in Tibet. Written in a mode that makes it obtainable to large readership, Roberts' ebook will be of nice price to someone with an curiosity within the fields of Tibetan literature, heritage or faith.

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The biographies of Rechungpa 30 Kunga Paljor: A History of the [Drukpa] Kagyu (dKar-brgyud Chos-′byung) Author: Drukchen Kunga Paljor (‘Brug-chen Kun-dga’ dPal-’byor, 1428–76). Date: composed circa 1460–76. Kunga Paljor was the hereditary hierarch of the Drukpa Kagyu who declared himself to be the rebirth of Tsangpa Gyaré (gTsang-pa rGya-ras, 1161–1211), the founder of the Drukpa Kagyu (‘Brug-pa bKa’-brgyud). This led to succession by incarnation, in which Kunga Paljor is counted as the second Drukchen (‘Brug-chen), with Tsangpa Gyaré as the first.

Jigme Wangpo noted that there was a discrepancy concerning Bodongpa’s dates because his father, to protect him from sorcery, had kept his real birth year secret and therefore most people believed he was The biographies of Rechungpa 34 born in 1375 (wood-hare). 146 Therefore, if Shiché Ripa was a contemporary of Bodongpa, his lost work may have been written only a few decades before Tsangnyön Heruka’s famous work, but it had no influence on Tsangnyön’s version. Date and Authorship of A River of Blessings The colophon contains a prayer for the future of the Drubgyu (sGrub-brgyud), which means ‘practice lineage’, an alternative name for the Kagyu.

At Drakar Taso (Brag-dkar rTa-so), Rinchen Namgyal followed the example of his teacher Tsangnyön by writing and publishing hagiographies. In the colophon to his biography of Tsangnyön, he says he completed it in the sixth month of a water-hare year. 152 If Smith is correct in the dates he supplies for Rinchen Namgyal, he was seventy years old when he wrote this shortened biography of his master. 153 The Rechungpa biography is 195 folios in length and the colophon reads: [This] slightly abbreviated form of the general biographies with a hundred and fifty-five vajra songs [are derived] from the extensive biography and song collection by Sanggyé Tönpa, Gyalwa Lo, and Dampa Sumpa.

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