The Amish by John Andrew Hostetler

By John Andrew Hostetler

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Garden Spot: Lancaster County, the Old Order Amish, and the Selling of Rural America

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors are interested in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to event first-hand the critical pastoral--both as an break out from city existence and as a unprecedented chance to develop into immersed in background. the realm has attracted viewers desirous to trap a glimpse of the particular spiritual group of the previous Order Amish, to understand the great thing about the farmland, to benefit from the plentiful and scrumptious nutrients of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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Serving the Amish is a designated consultant for pros who deal with or engage with simple humans: medical professionals, nurses, legislation enforcement officials, judges, social employees, psychotherapists, and dependancy counselors, between others. For those pros, realizing the "what" of Amish lifestyles isn't really adequate. they need to pass deeper, realizing the "why"―the ideologies that either force and bind this group in a procedure of ideals that turns out alien to those that include the technological and social turbulence of the twenty-first century.

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Like any of us who need an operation or an emergency care, they want the best. But like many rural people, they will consult the almanac. And they believe in home remedies as well as in "rubdowns" as forms of cure. Page 36 Amish Knowledge The Amish are not ignorant of world events. Their conversation with the visitor and salesman is often about happenings in Washington, Europe, or an airplane crash in some remote corner of the earth. They have a sprightly humor, too, and Amish hospitality is unsurpassable!

Page 18 include Lutherans, Reformed, persons of Evangelical United Brethren background, Church of the Brethren (Dunkards), Brethren in Christ, and some Mennonites. Anyone becoming acquainted with the Amish will discover that they use three languagesPennsylvania Dutch, High German, and English. The Pennsylvania Dutch dialect is not a degenerate form of German but a dialect of high German resembling that still spoken in the Palatine or Rhineland area of modern Germany. The Amish speak this dialect in their homes, but they have not reduced it to writing.

But that attitude has changed. Today they are no longer regarded as backward. They are often viewed as hardworking, thrifty people who have preserved some of the virtues of early American rural life. Their simple way of living has attracted millions of tourists who want to see their farm communities. The Amish movement has grown from a small group of Anabaptist believers in Switzerland in 1693. For many years the world paid little attention to them or regarded the group as an obscure dying sect.

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