Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Part One by Hugh Nibley

By Hugh Nibley

Hugh Nibley is among the most sensible identified and such a lot hugely respected of Latter-day Saint students. For over 40 years this near-legendary instructor has enthralled readers and listeners along with his encyclopedic wisdom, his wit, and his untiring learn in safeguard of Latter-day Saint ideals. you can now examine the transcripts of Dr. Nibley's Honors ebook of Mormon sessions that he taught at BYU in the course of 1988-90.
Semester one includes twenty-nine lectures targeting 1 Nephi via Mosiah five. it really is classic Nibley, together with his insights, humor, and passionate convictions, discussing a ebook that he loves and understands so well.

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It’s very interesting that the Egyptian word for it is just a picture of a mouth, and it’s as broad as you can possibly imagine. It means language, it means speech, it means utterance. It can mean a chapter. No two people translate it alike when it appears in the Book of the Dead. Does it mean a spell? Does it mean a chapter? Does it mean a recitation? Speak the following words? All it is is a picture of a mouth with a stroke under it. But you can’t get away from this very odd thing, “the language of the Egyptians,” because the book recurs to it on a number of occasions.

We will slap it on the board, and maybe we will require you to remember what these words are someday, if they are important. The thing is that this is where the Book of Mormon comes in. It’s like nothing else. It’s the only answer you are ever going to get to that question in this dispensation. In reading the Book of Mormon no one is ever doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Most of the time he would be doing probably the best thing he could possibly be doing. If it is not itself the best thing to be doing, it will quickly put you onto the best thing to be doing because it will have a direct effect on you.

Now the shocking thought comes to us: Is it possible that nobody is doing what he should be doing? The answer is yes. It’s not only possible; that’s the situation. When the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the Grove, according to the oldest and best account of all—that of Frederick G. Williams, written in 1832–33 and dictated by Joseph Smith when he was only 26 years old. It’s different from the one we have in the Pearl of Great Price here because the Lord speaks in the first person.

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