Targum Neofiti 1: Genesis by Martin McNamara MSC

By Martin McNamara MSC

Beginning with an creation of the Palestinian Targums," or "Targum Yerushalmi," the writer relates the background of the time period, examine within the box, and different historical past info at the Palestinian Pentateuch Targums prior to delivering a verse-by-verse translation of Neofiti 1.


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Introduction 27 6. The synonyms kn and kdn/kdyn in the Pal. Tgs. Lund and Foster93 also note that the HT Pentateuch uses kn (“so, thus”) ninety-six times. As rendering, Nf has kn sixteen times, kdyn or kdn seventy-one times, other ren­ ditions nine times. Against the seventy-one text usages of kdn/kdyn, Nfmg gives kn thirty-seven times. Three additional instances fall where Nfmg were not done. All three forms are found in the CTg texts: kn fifteen times (CTg C, 3; CTg E, 11; CTg F, 1); knyn seven times (CTg C, 2; CTg D, 4; Ctg F, 11); kdn eight times (CTg B, 1; CTg D, 2; CTg E, 1; CTg F, 4).

Thus, despite Nehemiah’s campaign (Neh 13:23-27), Num 12:1 says that Moses was married to a non-Jewish Cushite. The Pal. Tg. says she was “like a Cushite in complexion”; Onq. -J. expands. ,07The phrase occurs in HT Exod 3:8, 17; 13:5; 33:3; Lev 20:24; Num 13:27; 14:8; 16:14; Deut 6:3 (in VNL); 11:9; 26:9 (in CTg AA); 25:15 (in VN); 27:3 (in CTg AA); 31:20. In 3:17; Deut 27:3, “good” is omitted in N f (added in Nfmg). In Lev 33:3; Deut 6:3; 11:9; 26:9; 31:20, N f has “sweet and tasty,” found also as a variant in a number of Nfmg and in VNL Deut 6:3; 26:15, not however in CTg AA.

Thus, “Remember the sabbath day” of Exod 20:8 is rendered (in CTg F) as “Beware (regarding) (hwwn zhyryn) the sabbath day,” in Klein’s view under the associative influence of Deut 5:12. Simi­ larly, Lev 23:2 is rendered under the influence of the similar verse in Lev 19:9, and Deut 5:23(26) is rendered in some texts in association with Deut 4:7, 8. -J. Targum. It is worthy of note, however, that this law seems to be less operative in Nf than in other Targums. -J. 6. Converse translation An interpretative technique isolated by M.

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