Structural Vibration: A Uniform Accurate Solution for by Guoyong Jin, Tiangui Ye, Zhu Su

By Guoyong Jin, Tiangui Ye, Zhu Su

This booklet develops a uniform actual procedure that is able to facing vibrations of laminated beams, plates and shells with arbitrary boundary stipulations together with classical barriers, elastic helps and their combos. It additionally offers a variety of options for numerous configurations together with a number of boundary stipulations, laminated schemes, geometry and fabric parameters, which fill definite gaps during this quarter of achieve and should function benchmark options for the readers.

For each one case, corresponding basic equations within the framework of classical and shear deformation concept are built. Following the elemental equations, a variety of unfastened vibration effects are awarded for numerous configurations together with assorted boundary stipulations, laminated sequences and geometry and fabric homes. The proposed approach and corresponding formulations might be effortlessly prolonged to static analysis.

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Extra info for Structural Vibration: A Uniform Accurate Solution for Laminated Beams, Plates and Shells with General Boundary Conditions

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DMN ŠT g ¼ ½g10 ; . ; gln ; . ; g2N ŠT h ¼ ½h10 ; . ; hlm ; . ; h2M ŠT E ¼ ½E00 ; . ; Emn ; . ; EMN ŠT i ¼ ½i10 ; . ; iln ; . ; i2N ŠT j ¼ ½j10 ; . ; jlm ; . ; j2M ŠT ð2:61Þ 54 2 Modified Fourier Series and Rayleigh-Ritz Method Superscript T represents the transposition operator. Substituting Eq. 59) into Eq. 48) results in À Á Lxy Cxy þ Lx Cx þ Ly Cy À x2 Mxy Cxy þ Mx Cx þ My Cy ¼ 0 ð2:62Þ where 2 L11 Hi 6 L21 Hi 6 Li ¼6 6 L31 Hi 4 L41 Hi L51 Hi 2 M11 Hi 60 6 Mi ¼ 6 60 4 M41 Hi 0 L12 Hi L22 Hi L32 Hi L42 Hi L52 Hi L13 Hi L23 Hi L33 Hi L43 Hi L53 Hi L14 Hi L24 Hi L34 Hi L44 Hi L54 Hi 0 M22 Hi 0 0 M52 Hi 0 0 M33 Hi 0 0 M14 Hi 0 0 M44 Hi 0 3 A 6B 7 6 7 7 Cxy ¼6 6 C 7; 4D5 E 2 3 L15 Hi L25 Hi 7 7 L35 Hi 7 7; L45 Hi 5 L55 Hi ði ¼ xy; x; yÞ 3 0 M25 Hi 7 7 7; 0 7 5 0 M55 Hi 2 3 a 6c 7 6 7 7 Cx ¼6 6 e 7; 4g5 i ði ¼ xy; x; yÞ 2 3 b 6d7 6 7 7 Cy ¼6 6f 7 4h5 j ð2:63Þ ð2:64Þ ð2:65Þ In the same way, substituting Eq.

1 Combining Eqs. 13) results in  1  w000 ðLÞ À w000 ð0Þ X 2D11 m 000 000 þ D11 ½ðÀ1Þ w ðLÞ À w ð0ފ cos km x L L m¼1 1  X 2D11 ½ðÀ1Þm w0 ðLÞ À w0 ð0ފk2m þ L m¼1  À Á 4 2 þ D11 km À x I0 Am cos km x ¼ x2 I0 ð2:15Þ Obviously, it is a big challenge to obtain the natural frequencies and determine the expansion coefficients from Eq. 15). Alternatively, one may prefer to expand the beam displacement w(x) in the form of Fourier sine series. In such case wðxÞ ¼ 1 X Am sin km x; ð2:16Þ 0\x\L m¼1 Then w0 ðxÞ ¼ wðLÞ À wð0Þ L  1  X 2 ½ðÀ1Þm wðLÞ À wð0ފ þ Am km cos km x; þ L m¼1 w00 ðxÞ ¼ À 1  X 2 m¼1 w000 ðxÞ ¼ L  ½ðÀ1Þm wðLÞ À wð0ފkm þ Am k2m sin km x; ð2:17Þ 0 x L 0\x\L ð2:18Þ w00 ðLÞ À w00 ð0Þ L !

Any point P in the middle surface of the sectorial plate is defined by the vector r ¼ r cos h Á i þ r sin h Á j ð1:73Þ Thus, the Lamé parameters of sectorial plates can be obtained as @r @r ¼ ¼ cos h Á i þ sin h Á j @a  @r @r A ¼   ¼ jcos h Á i þ sin h Á jj ¼ 1 @r ð1:74Þ @r @r ¼ ¼ Àr sin h Á i þ r cos h Á j @b @h    @r  B ¼   ¼ jÀr sin h Á i þ r cos h Á jj ¼ r @h ð1:75Þ (c) Cylindrical shells Let α = x and β = θ, where α is parallel to the axis of revolution and β is in the circumferential direction as shown in Fig.

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