Statius and Epic Games: Sport, Politics and Poetics in the by Helen Lovatt

By Helen Lovatt

Epic video games are greater than simply an interlude; they mirror the realities of epic: heroism, energy and warfare. this primary significant research of the athletic video games in Statius' Thebaid e-book 6 makes use of them to supply a brand new analyzing of the poem as an entire. It explores every one occasion in Statius' video games, discussing intertextual manoeuvres, historic context and poetic positioning, constructing a subject from every one: viewers strength, cosmic disruption, nationwide identification, masculinity and the physique, video games and conflict, kingship and narrative keep watch over. This publication makes use of an in depth examining of 1 a part of one textual content to variety over old literature. It casts mild at the culture of video games in old epic as an entire, interpreting the works of Homer, Virgil, Apollonius, Ovid and Lucan. it really is crucial interpreting for the scholar of Statius and of historic epic and of curiosity to historians of Roman society with an curiosity in recreation and spectacle.

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The race in the Iliad is a two-horse race, but elsewhere in Homer four-horse races are mentioned: see Mouratidis (1984). On chariot racing at Rome see also: Cameron (1973), Cameron (1976). 20 introduction Table 2. Comparison of games Homer, Iliad 23 Olympics Ludi circenses 1. Two-horse chariot race 2. Boxing 3. Wrestling 4. Running Four-horse and twohorse chariot race Boxing Wrestling Long, 400 m and 200 m running Pankration Pentathlon (discus, javelin, 200 m, jump, wrestling) Four-horse and twohorse chariot race Boxing Wrestling Running (length unknown) 5.

580 nudo pectore (‘naked breast’) means without armour (Mulder (1954) ad versum). However, the repeated emphasis on nudus in an athletic context seems deliberately suggestive. 54 (Graiorum uis nuda uirum, ‘the naked force of Greek heroes’). nuda de plebe Laconum, ‘from the naked crowd of Spartans’, 739; nudumque in pectora pressit, ‘he presses him naked to his breast’, 746. Except Arieti (1975), whose thesis is that the Greeks exercised in the nude to prove continually their physical and sexual restraint.

443–4). When he overtakes Amphiaraus and Admetus again, the inexplicable crash emphasises the destructive force of the chariot out of control and seems to threaten the sky itself: subit astra fragor, caelumque tremiscit (‘the crash goes up to the stars, and the heaven trembles’, 448). Polynices is also a version of Phaethon in the wider context of the epic, where his seemingly passive manipulation of the situation drives Argos to war and brings the destruction of the invading army and of Thebes.

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