Spinal Afferent Processing by Tony L. Yaksh (auth.), Tony L. Yaksh (eds.)

By Tony L. Yaksh (auth.), Tony L. Yaksh (eds.)

Some 29 scientists from the fields of neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neu­ rophysiology, neuropharmacology, and behaviour have contributed their ef­ forts to this testimonial on behalf of the contributions made by way of Dr. F. W. L. Kerr to technological know-how and to these with whom he interacted. The purpose of the individuals to this quantity was once to accommodate the manifold advances that pertain to the substrates in spinal twine on the subject of the processing of sensory infor­ mation, a topic that during one shape or one other provoked again and again Kerr's local enthusiasm for examine. The association of the booklet follows a usual direction from the peripheral innervation of the somatic and visceral organs (Winkelmann, bankruptcy 2) to the powerful stimuli that turn on those fibers and provides upward push to sensation less than general and pathological stipulations (Campbell and Meyer, bankruptcy three; Dubner and co-workers, bankruptcy thirteen; Dyck, bankruptcy 14) to the path those afferent platforms take to go into the spinal wire (Coggeshall, bankruptcy four) and to the association of the platforms in which this afferent details reaches the mind (Willis, bankruptcy eleven; Vierck and associates, bankruptcy 12).

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Lm in diameter (Malinovsky and Sommerova, 1973). They are usually found in glabrous transitional skin between hairy skin and true mucous membrane and are frequently found in the subpapillary dermis. The rete ridges are not as significantly developed in this skin as they are in the hands and feet. However, I have demonstrated the end organ in papillary bodies in monkey mucocutaneous skin. Perineural cells are found in the capsule, but no complete capsule with a well-defined subcapsular space is observed.

37: I 09-111, 1962. Do:>~ALD, D. , KERR, F. W. 1, D. , AND BOWRON, P. Whole-body, closed-chest perfusion in the dog. Proc. Mayo Clin. 37:177-179, 1962. KERR, F. W. L. Facial, vagal and glossopharyngeal nerves in the cat, afferent connections. Arch. Neurol. 6:264-281, 1962a. PITLYK, P. , KERR, F. W. , TAL'XE, W. , SEDLACK, R. , AND SviE[';, H. J. Localization of brain tumors with iodine-131 polyvinylpyrrolidone. Surg. Forum. 13:436-437, 1962. KERR, F. W. , AND DONALD, D. E. Closed-chest hypothermic perfusion, cardiac arrest, and resuscitation.

On occasion, it is possible to see an individual myelinated fiber innervate and pass through one lobule to terminate in a second. The nerve loses its myelin sheath within the end organ. The nerves branch and run transversely in the ending, forming layers of nerve tissue separated by laminar cells. Hematoxylin and eosin staining demonstrates the transverse laminar cells and negative image of the interposed terminal nerve fibers and nerve endings. Nerve stains show the variable pathway of the nerve fibers wrapping around and interweaving within the corpuscle and between the terminations.

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