Sodomy: The History of a Christian Biblical Myth by Michael Carden

By Michael Carden

The ebook is a examine of the reception of Genesis 19, Sodom and Gomorrah, including the parallel tale in Judges 19-21, the outrage at Gibeah, in either Christian and Jewish traditions from antiquity via to the Reformation interval. The ebook units out to detoxify the dominant homophobic interpretation of Genesis 19, within which Sodom and Gomorrah function an archetypal tale of divine antipathy in the direction of similar intercourse love and wish, via displaying it to be a Christian invention, rising within the first few centuries of the Christian period. The Jewish traditions pertaining to Genesis 19, during which Sodom and Gomorrah are linked essentially with inhospitality, xenophobia and abuse of the bad, offer another point of view at the tale and one from which Christianity diverged. including the reception of the parallel Judges tale, this Jewish realizing is hired to spotlight the inconsistencies and moral difficulties inherent within the dominant Christian homophobic interpretation of Genesis 19. by means of demonstrating the vast plurality of readings of this narrative over the years, the ebook extra relativizes the Christian homophobic realizing. The publication makes vitally important contributions to modern debates on sexuality in Christianity and Judaism. The ebook also will function a necessary source for an exceptional many readers of either Genesis and Judges.

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12). Loosened from the sustaining salt, Lot’s wife will lift up her eyes and laugh. Chapter 2 READING SODOM AND GIBEAH 1. Disaster, Civil War and Rape Before embarking on a history of the interpretation of Sodom and Gibeah, I will present my own interpretation of these two stories in an intertextual reading that explores the parallels and inversions of rape imagery in both stories. My reading of the stories will be in two parts. The first part is a literary reading of the intertextual relationship of the stories that recognizes Sodom as the paradigmatic disaster story, and I will draw on the insights of Susan Sontag and Maurice Yacowar into the disaster story genre in film and literature.

In other words, in some contexts, Western society still allows sexual activity with other males to be a part of male heterosexuality. b. Rape and Homosexual Panic Rather than representing sexual desire and erotic expression, rape is best understood as sexual violence intended to assert power or express anger 10. For a similar pattern of sexuality outside the Mediterranean, but Mediterranean influenced, see Lancaster (1988) on the cochones of Nicaragua. 11. That is not to say that there are not people in such structures who are primarily oriented towards their own sex, but in that structure orientation is not an issue or the focus of homophobia.

It is almost as if he doesn’t want to leave Sodom. Perhaps the mockery of Lot by his sons-in-law (fellow men) has made him distrust these upstart strangers who have already undercut his authority in front of the mob. The Levite emerges as particularly callous and brutal. He is not averse to altering the truth when telling his story to the Israelites. In both stories the cities are destroyed, Sodom and its fellow cities by direct divine means, Gibeah and the tribe of Benjamin by war. Furthermore, in Judges YHWH only plays a minor role, that of an oracle giving battle advice.

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