Sock by Penn Jillette

By Penn Jillette

Twisting the blood brother cop tale the other way up and inside of out, Penn Jillette has created the main distinct narrator to come back alongside in fiction in lots of years: a sock monkey referred to as Dickie. The sock monkey belongs to a brand new York urban police diver who discovers the physique of an outdated lover within the murky waters of the Hudson River and units off along with her ally to discover her killer. the tale in their quest swerves and veers, takes to the air into philosophical riffs, sometimes stops to inform an aspect tale, and references a treasure trove of 1970's and 1980's popular culture. Sock is a stunning, severe, attention-grabbing piece of labor.

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Yeah, it was by you, but you weren’t doing the crime. You walk tall and fast like Christopher Reeve before the accident. Right out of jail. And the scumbags who should know better than to steal things go away for a long time. Even the guy driving the car. Very cool. We learned that in law school. William Burroughs/William Tell, it’s your call. Your wife and your outside woman, too. He had met this victim in law school. One smart cookie. That had been one good thing about law school. That had been a great six months of law school.

There had been some hitting. Hitting is most often passion, even if passion isn’t most often hitting. Bruises decompose a little faster than the rest of the body. There were stab wounds. Does “stab” mean a knife? Yeah, it means a knife. But not only a knife. You can be stabbed with an ice pick. You can be stabbed with a fork. But this looked as if she’d been stabbed with a baseball bat. A blunt-object puncture. You ain’t nothing but a slut to me. First-degree murder is the worst. That’s the worst kind of murder you can do.

He was getting his gut ready for the dive team. But the only job that had mattered was ice cream delivering. ” This is Dickie you’re listening to now, and Dickie is a sock monkey, and sock monkeys know the real names of things. The Little Fool had been the Ding Dong Man. ” Those weren’t the names on their driver’s licenses, but those had been their true names when they were in the truck. Ice cream man, reel and rock. All the real education (outside of scuba) the Little Fool had ever received had been in that ice cream truck.

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