SketchUp 7.1 for architectural visualization : beginner's by Robin De Jongh

By Robin De Jongh

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Type in 3000 and hit Enter. This sets the height of the room at 3 meters. You can see it in the following screenshot: 9. Draw a rectangle on the west facing side as shown in the previous screenshot. This is your window. 10. Now select and delete the face. What just happened? You've just created a basic room based on the inside dimensions. You don't need to create the building outside because you'll never see it. Rotate your view now until you're inside the room looking out of the window. [ 12 ] Chapter 1 Composing the view You're now going to set up the camera view and sun lighting.

There's a rack of M60 machine guns on that barn wall; sixty boxes of ammo over there by the bale of hay; a table of handguns of every imaginable make, shape, and size neatly arranged over by the door; and to finish off the scene, there's always a special prize—the rocket launcher that turns weeny Wodger into a one man army. Cut to a scene outside the building: he appears through the door laden with his bounty; a smoldering cigar in his mouth. Well, that's how you're going to feel in a minute! In this chapter you will: ‹‹ Turbo charge your copy of SketchUp with terrain tools ‹‹ Set up your post-processing studio with GIMP ‹‹ Be given free access to the best rendering technology available ‹‹ Install some secret buttons that virtually turn SketchUp into 3D Max ‹‹ Witness how SketchUp and Google Earth work in tandem ‹‹ Set up an animation production studio How to Collect an Arsenal Rambo Would Be Proud of If it's not free, it's not worth having Let's get one thing straight right now.

In Chapters 3 and 5 you'll look at where to find great images to use in your scenes from the Internet, and how to make the best use of them to set up your scenes. [ 21 ] Quick Start Tutorial Time for action – setting up the scenery backdrop 1. Go to File | Import, and tick the Use As Image box. Navigate to an image, click on it and click Open. 2. Zoom out in your model and click somewhere on the window to insert the image. Drag the cursor to size it and click again. 3. You have now inserted the image in the correct plane—the plane of the window.

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