Shallow Seas (Collins New Naturalist Library, Volume 131) by Peter J. Hayward

By Peter J. Hayward

Shallow Seas are the main biologically wealthy and effective components of the area ocean. This most modern New Naturalist quantity presents a normal historical past of this atmosphere and its organic groups. The margins of the continents, particularly huge within the North Atlantic sector, are drowned via shallow seas, making a sea ground surroundings that is a part of the broader and deepening benthic realm – the ecological area on the lowest point of a physique of water corresponding to an ocean or a lake, together with the sediment floor and a few sub-surface layers. those 'shelf seas' are the main biologically wealthy and efficient parts of the realm ocean. In his most modern New Naturalist quantity, Peter Hayward addresses a few features of the common background of the benthic surroundings of the shelf seas of northwest Europe and its organic groups. clear of rocky coastlines the seafloor is quite flat, frequently muddy, underneath turbid water with low or no visibility. Benthic faunas more often than not stay in the sediment of the seafloor, or are moderately and patchily allotted upon it, and if in any respect motile tend to withdraw into burrows or circulation fast away on disturbance. but, dredges and grabs show a frequently notable variety and density of animals, suggestive of advanced interacting groups. this isn't a textbook of marine benthic ecology, neither is it a accomplished assessment of the benthic groups of the northwest eu shelf seas. fairly, it describes the typical heritage of a few benthic habitats and institutions attribute of our area.

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