Send Forth Your Light by Willard Swartley

By Willard Swartley

A imaginative and prescient for Peace, venture, and WorshipForeword via Marva DawnWillard M. Swartley uniquely unifies subject matters of peace, undertaking, and worship. He perspectives peace and undertaking, either on the middle of Jesus gospel, most desirable as God's present. when you faithfully worship God, peacemaking and sharing the gospel in undertaking are the fruit of the religion.

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Paul’s frequent use of the title “God of peace” is significant. “God of hope” occurs only once (Rom 15:13) and “God of love” only once—in conjunction with “God of peace” (2 Cor 13:11). Other similar phrases emphasizing divine attributes are absent in Paul but occur in Jewish Literature: “the God of faithfulness” (Deut 32:4, lit. ), 64 S E N D F O RT H YO U R L I G H T “the God of truth” (Isa 65:16, lit. 6 Other characteristics of God’s activity are not so privileged. 7 In light of the prominence of “God as warrior” in the OT (Exod 15:3), it is striking that no such terms for God are found in Paul or any other NT writer.

He will not grow faint or be crushed until he has established justice in the earth; and the coastlands wait for his teaching. (42:1b, 4) The call and task to bring justice and peace to those both near and far (57:19) launches a new vision and phase in God’s salvation for humanity. The past “warfare is ended” (Isa 40:2 RSV), and the beautiful gospel of peace is at hand (52:7). The mission is comprehensive and radical (61:1-2), and it requires suffering (Isa 53). The passion for shalom comes from God himself, from his Spirit.

Jesus’ followers practice community of goods so that there is “not a needy person among them” (Acts 2:43-46; 4:32-34), widows’ material needs are met (6:1-6), and the church at Antioch sends a relief gift to the poor in Jerusalem (11:27-30; Gal 2:10). Jesus and the early church thus continue aid to the poor and needy, as commanded in the Torah and the Prophets. Luke’s Gospel stresses other points that also fit well with a Christian vision of the Jubilean justice: the prominent role of women: Elizabeth, Mary, Anna, the women from Galilee among Jesus’ disciples (8:1-3), Martha and Mary, and the women at the tomb; Jesus’ accepting outsiders and outcasts so that the forgiven prostitute and prodigal come into Jesus’ 30 S E N D F O RT H YO U R L I G H T messianic community (7:36-50; 15); and Jesus’ welcoming Samaritans and Gentiles into God’s kingdom.

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