Selected problems on exceptional sets (Van Nostrand by Lennart Carleson

By Lennart Carleson

Shipped from united kingdom, please permit 10 to 21 enterprise days for arrival. Van Nostrand mathematical experiences, no. thirteen. 151pp. ex. lib. strong studying replica.

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No longer does her soul stream "up to me / From her quiet eyes," nor is she even "beautiful," suggesting a dissatisfaction with poetic conventions in writing about women. The Dickinsonian dashes, which refuse closure to each stanza and to the poem itself, open the revised poem to both hesitancy and multiple possibility; the poet's shaping vision is both deconventionalized (in relationship to the original poem) and destabilized as an imposing force. The poem's revisions in form and content suggest a recognition of the male poet's authoritative relationship to images of women and conventions of poetic treatment.

To blast the Word, to reduce it to its function of instrument is the enfranchisement of the human kind: the imminent new assertion of its next reach in power" ("I Am" 2). As his response suggests, Williams is drawn to Marsden's insistence upon the human senses as the route to knowledge, rather than her assertions of mastery over language. He isolates her thoughts on sensory forms of knowledge and reads them as expressing a "feminine psychology"; although Marsden never uses this term, Williams attributes this omission to her unawareness of the true import of her statements.

7), Williams goes to much greater lengths to explain his ideas. Within this discussion of male and female psychologies, at times drawing incipient distinctions between what we now understand as gender (socially constructed) and sex (biological body), he comments upon tradition, upon woman's perception of reality, and upon gendered relationships to language and experience. Williams begins by asserting his belief that the age is experiencing changes that "have as their basis a domination of female psychology over an outworn male psychology," a process that is preceded by and "parallel to that which came over objective science in Bacon's time" (110).

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