Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript by Peter Kahre

By Peter Kahre

Книга Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScriptКниги Java Script Автор: Peter Kahre Год издания: 2009 Формат: pdf Издат.:O'Reilly Страниц: seventy four Размер: 1,3мб Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript /by Peter Kahrel (Author) .InDesign presents a robust set of instruments for generating attractive files. when you can definitely do all of your paintings by way of hand via InDesign’s graphical interface, there are numerous instances whilst it’s a lot more uncomplicated to write down a script.

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In scripts with more than one function, the functions can appear in any order. Functions can be directed to use any number of arguments (or parameters). writeln (m); } In this example, the function is called with a literal value (here, the string "Something O’REILLY ® Short Cuts Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript 33 for the console"), which is passed to the function body via a variable (here, m). The variable names that you use as function parameters are subject to the same constraints as any other variable.

Go to the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (Edit → Keyboard Shortcuts). In the Product Area drop-down, choose Scripts, which displays all of the scripts. ” Highlight the script you want to assign a shortcut to and assign it in the normal way, as you would to any other InDesign menu or panel item. The script can then be run simply by pressing that shortcut key. See the box “Trick: Running Scripts Really Quickly” on page 38 for an application. html. Working with Text With the relevant knowledge of InDesign’s object model, some idea about properties, and enough knowledge of JavaScript, we should now set about doing something useful with InDesign’s objects and their properties.

The main reason why scripting changed so much in this area is that Find/Change was overhauled in the interface: CS2 had just one Find/Chage operation, CS3 and later have four: Text, Tab, Glyph, and Object. The changes in the UI, then, were reflected in the script languages. O’REILLY ® Short Cuts Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript 47 The Basics Find (and change) are the start and at the heart of many scripts. In principle, scripting offers the same possibilities as the UI does, with one important exception: in the UI, the scope of the search can be set to either of five areas (all documents, current document, story, to end of story, or selection), whereas in scripting, the scope of searches can be set to virtually any object: document, story, page, text frame, paragraph, word, etc.

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