Sams teach yourself Windows Phone 7 game programming in 24 by Harbour

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Sams educate your self home windows mobilephone 7 online game Programming in 24 Hours (11) through Harbour, Jonathan [Paperback (2011)]

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Sams teach yourself Windows Phone 7 game programming in 24 hours

Sams train your self home windows mobile 7 video game Programming in 24 Hours (11) via Harbour, Jonathan [Paperback (2011)]

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We’ll definitely be doing a lot of this in upcoming chapters since XNA is our primary focus (the coverage of Silverlight was only for the curious—grab a full-blown Silverlight or Expression Blend book for more complete and in-depth coverage. 0 project in Visual C# 2010, so we can use this as a comparison with the previous project created with Expression Blend. Follow these steps: 1. Create a new project. We’ll be basing these tutorials around Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. The processes will be similar to using the Professional version, but you will see many more project templates in the New Project dialog.

Given that XNA games running on Windows Phone can run in either land- scape or portrait mode, what are some advantages and disadvantages of each of these two screen orientations? A. Answers will vary. Workshop Quiz 1. What is the name of Microsoft’s rich web content runtime library? 2. What is the default resolution of an XNA game running on Windows Phone? 3. What is the default screen orientation of an XNA game running on Windows Phone? Answers 1. Silverlight 2. 800×480 3. Landscape mode Exercises Design your own Silverlight-powered web page using Expression Blend, made to look like a blog-style site using the various text and image controls available.

Silverlight and XNA Exercises Visit the App Hub website to see the apps and games that are available for the Windows Phone 7 platform, which will give you a feel for the type of game you would like to see published in the App Hub store. aspx. 19 This page intentionally left blank Visual C# 2010 Express HOUR 2 Getting Started with Visual C# 2010 for Windows Phone What You’ll Learn in This Hour: . Using Visual C# 2010 Express . Creating Silverlight projects and using Expression Blend . Creating XNA Game Studio projects In this hour, we will explore the development environment used to write code for the Windows Phone 7 platform (a word that encompasses all devices running the mobile operating system).

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