Roman History: v. 3 Books 36-40. (Loeb Classical Library) by Cassius Cocceianus Dio

By Cassius Cocceianus Dio

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ETrl 3 TroXXa? rffiepas o TL Kal %/o^ Trpd^ai,. rfj re ydp (rvve'xeia TOOV Kivbvvoov Terpv^wi^evoi, Kal /jueyav Kal 7TO\VV TOV 7T/3O? , yaovivios L l regularly. BOOK XXXVI some plundered here and some there, since of it was not possible for the same persons to do harm throughout the whole length of the sea at once, they nevertheless showed such friendship one for another as to send money and assistance even to those entirely unknown, as if to their nearest of kin. In fact, this was one of the chief sources of their strength, that those who paid court to any of them were honoured by all, and those who came into collision with any of them were despoiled by all.

Rrapovcriv' ov /AevToi ovd vytiv Trpoaij/ceiv OVTC aTrX^crTCt)? OVTCO d%iav rrpos fie Bid TravTOS ev TLVL rjye/Jiovia elvai. re yap e/c rraiScov /ce/c/irj/ca, Kal v^as Bel /cal irepl 2 rov? aXXou9 aTTOvSd^eiv. ov ^efjuvr^aOe o' 0^9 TOVTO TO L. , a|(00~TpaT7J7^TOTOS L.

And secreted themselves, except Gaius Piso the consul for it was in the year of Piso and Acilius that these events took place he was arrested and was about to perish for the others when Gabinius begged him off. After this the optimates themselves held their peace, happy if only they might be allowed to live, but tried to persuade the nine tribunes to ; ; ; None of these, however, except oppose Gabinius. C. 67 DIO'S aav , f 5 ovr* elrfelv rjBvvijOrjo-av Be ov/c /juev, VTreo"%r)VTO ev , ROMAN HISTORY ovre rrpdgai.

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