Rise of Monophysite Movement by Frend

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U XI. 1. 9 (ed. Th. Mommsen, MGH, AA 12, Berlin, 1894' p. )29), and Jordane-;, ROM41111, p. 42. See S. I. Oost, Wllo Pl~i"'4. Augusta (Chicago, 1968), p. 18s ns6. • Xys1us, Epp. 9 and 10 (PL 10, cols. 612-18). ,. p John of Antioch was succeede Palestine, Euthymius, and a monk disciple of the great monastic leader in however, was to pay dearly for in his monastery. The Antiochene church, bishop of attempting to imitate this single mistake by an otherwise great l dynasty, for Domnus episcopa an g his rival at Alexandria by foundin himself died, and his formidwas a man of day.

Leantime (spring of 448), in Constantinople, Eutyd1es wrote to Leo complaining that the Nestorians were raising their head once again (Leo, Ep. 20). The stage was being set fot a final reckoning ~ith Antioch and Constantinople. Leo, however, was noc Celestine. He merely acknowledged Eucyches' lener (1 June). Perhaps he did not like the monk's references to Cyril being 'the leader and chief of the holy synod at Ephesus',1 for the papal view of those events was different. Prosper Tiro had made ic clear thac while Cyril's percinacity had aided the unmasking of Kestorius, che auchority of Rome had reaJly been responsible for his downfaJl;4 This divergence of approach 't\"as to have far-reaching effects tn the storm that was about to break.

Are praesumenti primus restitit, ad impmtorem Theodosiwn scribens' (PL 67, col. 812). J Sepnmiber 447: for dating see R1psro1, ed. Seeck, p. 379. e to Domnus, and was an ardent CyrillisL 30 The road ro Clialcedon, 428-451 pr~nce of his presbycers chac 'I do not envy Chrisc dm he had become G~~~ for I have become thac; for he is of my own nature', 1 and to have cnncised the Twelve Anachemas. On 16 February 448 an edict was despatched to the praetorian perfect Hormisdas2 ordering the burning of 'Nescorian works' and those of the anti-Christian philosopher of che late third century, Porphyry.

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