Research on General and Axisymmetric Ellipsoidal Shells Used by Kryvoshapko S.N.

By Kryvoshapko S.N.

From "Applied Mechanics stories" (November 2007)"

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The LEU case shows a margin to melting of about 320°C, while the HEU peak clad temperature is about 275°C below the melting point. 58 TABLE 34. 5 s Cases W i t h and Without Scram for HEU and LEU Cores Period, ras Case ^ P,MW ( t m , s ) T E t , MWs at t m -m clad» ° c Max. ( t , s ) With Specified Scram 1 4 . 656) 3 . 2 6 131 156 ( 0 . 613) 2 . 56 263 ( 0 . 6 Clad Temperature Limitations Compared with SPERT 1 Experiments The PARET code has also been used to determine the reactivity insertion limits imposed by the clad melting temperature.

4 Fast Reactivity Insertion Transients Figure 14 and Table 29 show the results for the fast reactivity insertion transients. 5 s ramp have very similar behaviors. Since the LEU core has a shorter prompt neutron generation time and thus a smaller minimum period, the peak power is reached slightly earlier. The power burst for the LEU core is slightly narrower than for the HEU case, and even though the peak power is slightly higher for LEU core the energy release is lower. The peak temperature at the fuel centerline is about 13°C higher for the LEU core, largely due to the smaller thermal conductivity of the fuel meat.

2 MW 1 V 1 \^______^ 10° * Clad Temperature For HEU and LEU Cases p 1400- _o u o (Sj : i1 > •*-* oCO Oi t 3 fl tuE r" 1200- U —— LEU 108. 0°C 1000- \ • -5 0 80 0 - •-75 400——————— -100 3 0 25 \ 800- V ^*»^ 200 00 05 10 15 Time sec Coolant Outlet Temperature - HEU and LEU IBOO-j 20 25 30 Time sec Fuel Center Line Temperature - HEU and LEU - ————————————————————————— '""" —————————————————————————————————————————— 1""^——- IÎT7TT l 1800- 1600- ntu 1 7fl Q ° ^ 1 /U . 7 L 1400- 1400CJ u Oß OC g 1ZO 0 - £ 1200- 2 1000- 2 lOOO- £1!

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