Red dust by Tom Hooper;Troy Kennedy Martin;Hilary Swank;Chiwetel

By Tom Hooper;Troy Kennedy Martin;Hilary Swank;Chiwetel Ejiofor;Jamie Bartlett;All authors

A political mystery set in a small South African city in the course of the fact and Reconciliation fee hearings. Human rights legal professional Sarah Barcant needs to signify Alex Mpondo, a former political activist, who used to be held captive and sadistically tortured by way of a police officer lower than the apartheid regime in South Africa.

summary: A political mystery set in a small South African city through the fact and Reconciliation fee hearings. Human rights attorney Sarah Barcant needs to signify Alex Mpondo, a former political activist, who was once held captive and sadistically tortured by means of a police officer less than the apartheid regime in South Africa

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