Reclamation of mine-impacted land for ecosystem recovery by Nimisha Tripathi, Raj S. Singh, Colin D. Hills

By Nimisha Tripathi, Raj S. Singh, Colin D. Hills

"Reclamation of Mine-impacted Land for surroundings restoration covers: equipment of rejuvenation of mine wilderness together with assorted practices of actual, chemical and ecological engineering methods"--


Mining actions considerably impression the surroundings; they generate large amounts of ruin, advertise deforestation and the lack of agricultural construction, in addition to liberating contaminants that Read more...

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The National Academy of Sciences (1974) defined restoration as the replication of site conditions prior to disturbance. The term reclamation refers to rendering a site habitable to indigenous organisms, whereas rehabilitation implies that disturbed land will be returned to a form and productivity in conformity with a land‐use plan. This may include creating a stable ecological state that does not contribute substantially to further environmental deterioration, which is aesthetically consistent with its surroundings.

Php. 6 Gt was MSW. , 2004). , 2004). By the year 2047, MSW generation in India is expected to reach 300 Mt and land requirement for disposal of this waste would be 170 km2. 2 km2 that was used in 1997 for the management of 48 Mt of waste (CPCB, 2000). 8 Gt of waste was generated from mining of major minerals. 6, respectively, show the burden of wastes and waste generation trends in India. , 1999). Some 280 000 mines were in operation in 1994, and 5 million people were employed in the mining sector (UNEP, 1997).

1. 2 National Mineral Policy: environmental protection The extraction and development of minerals are interlinked with the management of natural resources including: land, water, air and forests (Singh, et al. 1994). The areas in which minerals occur often have other resources-utilization issues. Some areas are ecologically fragile and oth­ ers are biologically rich and so it is necessary to have a comprehensive approach towards development and the protection of the environment. Thus, through a co-ordinated approach the sustainable development of mineral resources can take place with the minimum of impact on the environment (Gonzalez-Perez and Leonard, 2013).

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