Readings in Chinese Literary Thought by Stephen Owen

By Stephen Owen

This dual-language compilation of 7 whole significant works and lots of shorter items from the Confucian interval during the Ch'ing dynasty could be quintessential to scholars of chinese language literature. Owen's masterful translations and commentaries have spread out chinese language literary idea to theorists and students of different languages.

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There are "treatises" in the Chinese tradition of discourse on literature, but until recent times these have lacked both the authority and the allure of critical comments grounded in response to specific texts. THE “GREA T PREFA CEJJ TO THE B O O K OF S O N G S 關 回去 。 后 自己 之 德 也 。 風 乏 始 也 。 所 以 風 天 下 而 Jf 夫 婦 也 。 故 用 之 鄉 人 焉 。 用 之 邦 國 焉 。 風 。 風 也 。 教 也 。 風 以 動 之 O 教 t( 化 乏 。 Kωn-chü is the virtue (tê * ) of thc Quccn Consort and thc beginning o f thc Feng * . It is the l11eans by whìch the world is influcnccd (feng * ) and by which the relations between husband and wife arc l11ade corrcct (cheng 特 ) .

Mencius has made an exception to the king's suzerainty in thcsc cases, but Hsien-ch'iu Meng cites the Book 01 Songs as an authority to provc that there are no exceptions . Mencius attacks Hsien-ch'iu 24 Clwpter One Meng's interpretation (but does not question the authority of the Book 01 Songs to decide such issues ) : the Song in question arises from a particular situation in which an officer is caught between conflicting claims of duty to the king and duty to his parents. The "king's business" is the duty of all, but he feels as if he alone were charged with completing it.

1 can't teach it to my son, and my son can ' t get instruction in it from me. I 've gone on this way for seventy years and have grown old in cutting wheels . The ancients have died and, along with them, that which cannot be trans­ mitted. Therefore what you are reading is nothing more than the dregs of the ancients . " “ The Way of Heaven , " Chuang-tzu And perhaps language doesn't work, gives no access to what is really impor­ tant in the person. The challenge of Wheelwright Pien haunts the literary tradition and makes writers ever more ingenious in inscribing the essential self in writing.

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