Puja. Study in Smarta Ritual by Gudrun Bühnemann

By Gudrun Bühnemann

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145 These timings imitate those of the samdhyäl4&which on their part have been borrowed from the agnihotra rite147. The morning püjä follows the tarpana at the later p art of the morning and - according to some authorities 148- precedes the vaisvadeva\ according to others 149 it follows the vaisvadeva. I f püjä is not possible thrice a day it should be done elaborately in the m orning180, which is the suitable time for rites related to g o d s151, and in a short form at noon and in the evening.

The gha(a{kalasa)stMpana on the first day o f the D evtnavar& tra from äsvina sukla pratipadä to navami, cf. D h S p. 176,1 fF. 8® A c c o r d i n g t o t h e m o d e r n prayoga t e x t p V B K S fol. 1 2 6 a 2 -1 1 . F o r the punyähaväcana cf. D ie h l {1957} a n d G o n d a (1972), pp. 7ff. 5 ( imam me gauge yamune sarasvati . 9 {gandhculvärävi durädkarsärn . 2 (kändät Jcäiidät prarohantl . . 5 {asvatthe vo niqadanam . . 15 {yäh phalinvr yä aphalä .. 82*3 (sa hi ratnäni dasuse . . 10 (hiranyarüpah sa hiranyasamdrk .

8,8-10 (quoting pa ri& i$ a to Ä G S p. 168,19 f, with u. ): W ater, fire, sun, sth andila (an open ground prepared for sacrifice); P P p. 8,12-13 (quoting Sätätapa): Earth, sky, food, gold, Brahmins, cows;88 w Cf. the rem arks on the so called b azaar literature n. 18, p. 32. 65 P rin ted in T u l p u ^E ( 21970), pp. 37-47. 66 Jai% is a term fo r a metric com position otherwise known as ärati. Cf. 246, p. 70. 67 Cf. vol. 3, pp. 301-303. 68 M itram isra, P P p. 8,15-17 notes th at earth, w a te r and sky are thought to be receptacles o f the deity w hile food, gold, B rah m in s and cows are not, as this 44 G eneral remarks P P p.

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