Prolepsis and Ennoia in the Early Stoa (Sozomena: Studies in by Henry Dyson

By Henry Dyson

This publication bargains a reconstruction of the early Stoic doctrine of prolepsis, revealing it to be a lot toward Platonic recollection in sure respects than formerly idea. the traditional interpretation of prolepsis as preconceptions is inconsistent with their prestige as standards of fact. particularly, prolepsis is a sort of tacit wisdom that calls for articulation and systematization. This reconstruction is supported through a accomplished number of texts on the subject of prolepsis from Epicurus to Alexander of Aphrodisias.

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This would help to prepare the way for any reader of the dialogs to arrive at his own conclusion, after giving some consideration to each of the views that had been presented. Finally, by using the conversational method it would be possible to illustrate the way in which current issues of the day were related to one another. This is one of the reasons why no one of Plato's dialogs is devoted exclusively to the discussion of a single topic. He wanted to make it clear that in order to understand any particular subject you must see how it is related to other subjects and to the field of knowledge as a whole.

Under their guidance he received instruction in the elementary disciplines, such as gymnastics, music, reading, writing, and the study of numbers. After reaching the age of eighteen or thereabouts, he spent two years in military training, which placed considerable emphasis on physical exercises and the proper care of the body. This was followed by a more advanced period of study in which he gained familiarity with several of the more prominent schools of Greek philosophy. This gave to him an opportunity to become acquainted with many of the Sophists, who were the recognized professional teachers of that time.

Important as this type of information might be, it was a matter of far greater significance to understand the meaning of human life and the way that men ought to live. The physical sciences do not reveal anything concerning the purpose for which things exist nor do they tell us anything about the nature of goodness. They do not reveal what is good or bad nor do they distinguish between what is morally right and wrong. A far more important type of inquiry has to do with knowledge of what constitutes the good life.

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