Praying the Proverbs (Praying the Scriptures (Destiny by Elmer L. Towns

By Elmer L. Towns

Praying the Proverbs takes writings of knowledge literature from the Bible, and turns them into own prayers that edify believers with its clever sayings on personality, integrity and love.

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Physical destruction (Prov. 7:22). Spiritual destruction (Prov. 7:27). , the balance of power between the sexes. It’s the woman who knows a man, knows what he wants, and knows how to use her body for sexual favors. It’s the woman who gets what she wants from a man. While it appears that the woman is the one being deceived, in a bottom-line analysis; the woman is more in control of the situation than the man. And what about the male? He is so driven by his sexual appetite that he is blind to what a woman is capable of.

2:18,19; 6:26; 7:22,23; 9:18). A trollop dresses seductively (Prov. 7:10) and entices men with her outward beauty (Prov. 2:16,17). Proverbs warn, “Do not lust after her beauty in your heart” (Prov. 6:25) for it is only adorned with outward makeup, suggestive clothing, and perfume. 43 Praying_Proverbs_021205 3/3/06 10:20 AM PRAYING Page 44 THE PROVERBS The New Testament suggests there are three things that tempt a man to sin, “For all that [is] in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world” (1 John 2:16).

2. Sweet talk (Prov. 5:3). 44 Praying_Proverbs_021205 3/3/06 10:20 AM Page 45 The Trollop 3. Outward beauty (Prov. 6:25). 4. Flirts with the eyes (Prov. 6:25). 5. On the prowl, looking for the naïve man (Prov. 6:26; 7:13). 6. Sexually revealing dress (Prov. 7:10). 7. Restless with her life (Prov. 7:11,12). 8. Offers a place for sex (Prov. 7:12,13). 9. Sex is spoken of openly, yet discreetly (Prov. 7:16-18). 10. Her object is sex (Prov. 6:32). The Book of Proverbs tells a young man that a trollop is the wrong type of companionship.

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