Porphyry’s Place in the Neoplatonic Tradition: A Study in by Andrew Smith (auth.)

By Andrew Smith (auth.)

This booklet is a touch emended model of a dissertation offered on the collage of Hull in 1972. I appreciate simply too good the deficiencies of favor, presentation and fabric which this contains. The name implies a extra ultimate observe than I had meant in my therapy of Porphyry. On reflexion, even though, it appeared the main suited for express the overall objective of my enquiries. A extra rounded overview of Porphyry can come merely after a few extra uncomplicated paintings has been accomplished. An version of his philosophical fragments, to which i'm now turning my recognition, is a prerequisite. lowe, after all, very much to all those that have written on Neo­ platonism. i'm really indebted to Prof. Willy Theiler less than whose assistance I studied in Bern. dialog with him consistently led to new instructions of enquiry and that i was once consistently encouraged via his breadth of information. i need to additionally thank Prof. A. H. Armstrong who has regularly inspired me and helped me to appear extra deeply right into a variety of difficulties. Welcome, too, used to be a close feedback of half by way of Dr. R. T. Wallis. Their feedback and suggestion haven't continuously been and the accountability for the faults and vulnerable­ nesses of this booklet rests on myself.

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8. IXP't'[IX~. E:V en!. 't'TI 't'ou xlX't'eAee~v 1X~'t'[qt, 't'-tjc; aE: en!. IX't'1X rxAAIX auvlX~ ••• The first is its very descent to the world and its embodied state. The second is its doing wicked actions after being embodied, which involves it in further incarnations. This implies the concept of first and second fall. In the first fall the soul is sent by god or chooses to descend in a pure state. It may and should return again after its death (ibid. E:V eanov rpuY7l), but if it should act wickedly it is condemned to return again to this world.

Sent. viii a ~alJcrev ~ rpucr~~, 't"ou't"o rpucr~~ Me~, xoct a ~alJcrev ~ ~ux~, 't"ou't"O ocu't"~ Me~. i, ~ux~ aE EOCU't"~V ev crW[Loc't"~. rpucr~~ [LEV &poc Aue~ crw[Loc ex ~ux~~, ~ux~ aE EOCU't"~V Me~ ex 't"ou crW[Loc't"o~. Sent. ix (; youv e

In Tim. III. 277, I in a similar context. This peculiar term might be borrowed from Theodorus who made soul1)[L(crXe:'I"o~ (In Tim. II. 142, 26. It was a term which Olympiodorus might have heard in Damascius' lectures (Pr. 131, ii. )). SEPARATION OF SOUL FROM BODY 23 not be the complete release of the soul which is supported by Sent. xxix where the semi-material pneuma body remains attached to the soul of the less good man after death. g. ~ and i. I. 3, 2rf. ~, tVIX. 'rOU'rO ~ cp~AOO"OCP(1X. L~ 7tOCO"IX.

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