Perspectives on Purity and Purification in the Bible by Baruch J. Schwartz, Naphtali S. Meshel, Jeffrey Stackert,

By Baruch J. Schwartz, Naphtali S. Meshel, Jeffrey Stackert, David F. Wright

This ebook is a set of essays on purificaton and atonement within the Hebrew Bible that gives new insights into the dialogue of those principles by way of taking a look at the values of sociological and anthropological techniques to the themes. the gathering additionally examines multivalence and polyvalence in ritual and asks to what quantity it really is attainable to talk of the functionality or which means of formality, even in the hugely systematic priestly texts.

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34. Milgrom’s attempt to limit this verse to the “fellowship” (or “peace”) offering (Leviticus 1–16, 706–13; Leviticus 17–22, 1472–79) has not gained widespread acceptance. For a critique, see (among others) Schwartz, “Prohibitions,” 58–60, and Sklar, Sin, Impurity, Sacrifice, Atonement, 174–79. 35. Noted by Milgrom, Leviticus 1–16, 257. 26 Perspectives on Purity and Purification in the Bible which elsewhere clearly refers to cleansing the sanctuary and/or its sancta (Lev 8:15; cf. 16:18–19). :-rite must both ransom and cleanse.

In short, sin—whether intentional or inadvertent—endangers. Sin Pollutes Second, sin also pollutes. This is evident on the one hand from the verses mentioned above, where sin is described as defiling (Lev 18:24–25a; 20:3; Num 35:33–34a) and as in need of being cleansed (Lev 16:30). :) pollute the sanctuary and its sancta. The fact that sin pollutes the sanctuary and its sancta finds support in two considerations. First, it is clear that sins which do not involve direct contact with the sanctuary can still lead to its pollution.

May refer to CA6<-@! purgation. Numbers 35 This understanding of the verb is confirmed further by the use of CA6<:! 49 Numbers 35:9–29 deals with the cities of refuge and who may legitimately go there, namely, those who have unintentionally slain another. Verses 30–34, which conclude the chapter, read as follows: If anyone kills a person, the murderer shall be put to death on the evidence of witnesses; but no person shall be put to death on the testimony of one witness. Moreover you shall accept no ransom (CA6<)!

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