Paradigms and exercises in SYRIAC GRAMMAR by Robinson Th. revised by L.H. Brockington.

By Robinson Th. revised by L.H. Brockington.

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It is hardly coincidence that Assem ­ b lies o f God v ie w s on w ar and country changed significantly a t about th e sa m e tim e th e denom ination affiliated w ith the N A E . In m a n y w ays, O ckenga both expressed and influenced A ssem b lies o f God opinions about A m erican culture. After all, som e A ssem b lies o f God leaders had considered America a cho­ sen n a tio n a ll alon g, and in th e grim days after Pearl Harbor, a call to patriotic d estin y offered m eaning in suffering.

Beall identified readily w ith others who shared her interests, many of whom had no relationship to the General Council of the Assem blies of God. N ew Order sympathies gen­ erated new networks that transcended prior loyalties. Beall’s sermons were printed in The Elim Pentecostal Herald, the or­ gan of the Elim Mi ionary Assem blies in H om ell, New York, for example, as w ell as in The Voice of Faith, a latter rain publication from Memphis, Tennessee. ” The “prophet" was a prominent A ssem blies of God leader, former Pentecostal Evangel editor Stanley Frodsham.

Some first-generation Pentecostals had begun within a de­ cade to bemoan their movement’s waning power and had pointed to future, more copious showers of the latter rain. Conse­ quently, there was even precedent for the eschatological in­ novation by the N ew Order advocates. Daniel Kerr, for ex­ ample, noting a declining focus on healing as early as 1914, had heralded a coming dispensation in which healing would have the prominence accorded to tongues at the turn of the century. As Pentecostal groups had organized and charismatic fervor had waned in some places—or was largely confined to revival campaigns and campmeetings—voices had been raised asserting that the tum -of-the-century Apostolic Faith Move­ ment had seen only the beginning of a revival whose more copious latter rains were yet to come.

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